Lifestyle: Still Mad About Clothes After All These Years…

Jo Castro


This post has been updated, and is now on my lifestyle blog at  Lifestyle Fifty – 5 Key Style Tips for Middle Aged Women.

Thanks for your understanding 🙂

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  1. Haha! Fashion on the road is more a question of ‘have I got any clean T-Shirts left?’ than actually coordinating an outfit!! SO don’t want to look like a tourist … But boots are my favourite autumn indulgence!

    PS Would love to join your linky, but I don’t have any posts about clothing!! Maybe next time!!

  2. Love it! When i’m on the road the worry is more like, “Oh blimey, not another beer stain!” But at home I try to keep the fairies doing their domestic chores even if I do end up looking like a tourist! C’mon Red, how about a linky of you in those Fave boots?

  3. I guess the thing about travelling is that you can dress however you like – as long as you don’t see someone you know! And the best thing about camping is that the more casual the better – ie I love my camping long pants – I bought them before we went to the Kimberley and I like them so much I just about wear them all year round. hmmm I really should go and buy another pair before you can’t get them anymore! They wash easily, & dry quickly and it really doesn’t matter if you don’t iron them. When we were in the Kimberley I even went swimming in them, and then let them drip dry on me!
    ps – love your self portrait Jo – those clothes are so you!

  4. Loved hearing about your camping long pants! Perhaps the company that make them would sponsor your blog, or advertise on your site? Maybe you should approach them – especially as you can back-up (with evidence) that you are a devout fan of the product? Can’t wait to get to the Kimberley and experience wilderness where you can do things like that – letting clothes just drip dry on you and not giving a damn!
    Thanks for the comment on my self portrait – But I could have done with your superior photographic skills there 🙂

  5. Hi Johanna,

    Over 50?! Well I would never have guessed:) You look fantastic, probably no matter what you’re wearing.

    I do think it’s more important to (try) to be stylish when you’re older. When I look back at photos of me traveling in my twenties I look like a right hippy. Nothing wrong with that but hippy clothes look better on young people so as I age I tend to wear smarter clothes although I try to add something edgy so I don’t look boring:)

    It’s a hard balance!

  6. Thanks, Annabel!
    Ha! I too was hippy’ish or perhaps rather outlandish when I was younger. Can’t get away with it now though 🙁 I like your idea of smarter clothes teemed with something a little edgy. There’s no need to lose the edge as we get older, although you’re right, it’s a hard balance.

  7. Oh dear. I’m a fashionista failure. I have a strange attraction to outdoor shops since I discovered ( like Jill ) that outdoor gear has certain qualities. Lightweight and no ironing. Brands like Icebreaker and Wild Roses have stylish gear that transforms to the city with a bit of junk jewellery and lipgloss, so I tell myself. It’s not cheap – but a good investment if you want to keep travel weight to a minimum.

  8. Hi Tracey! Thanks for your tips, I’m definitely going to look out for those brands too. You’re right though, if clothes can double up for travel and the city, then they’re worth the investment – and it makes all those decisions regarding packing for a trip, so much easier 🙂

  9. Hello Johanna,
    I’m closer to 55 than 50 and in 2008 my fantastic partner Brian and I left the comforts of our great Sunshine Coast home, to spend the next two years travelling around Europe in a VW camper.
    We try to travel light, only one bag each, and not a huge one at that, so clothes have to mix and match and not need ironing.
    Being on the road laundromats are always not available, so I can’t remember the number of times I did laundry in the wash up bowl, and then hung things to dry over a hedge or on a tree. Though now looking back through our photos I did seem to wear the same tops and t-shirts alot!
    We had a fantastic two years, put around 50,000 kms on poor Fatima, visited 34 countries, met some wonderful people along the way and would do it all again in a minute.

  10. Sounds as if you had a lovely trip, Julie! It’s the sort of trip that I would love to do one day too. Thanks for your tips about clothes and what to take, your strategy definitely seems a good one. I hope you’ve settled back into the Sunshine Coast, but that you might be planning a follow up adventure for sometime in the future?

  11. Always planning the next trip, but we’re both back at work for the time being building up the bank account, funny how a couple of years away can deplete it.
    I would like to take the Trans Siberian Railway from Beijing to St Petersburg, then work our way through Estonia, heard Tallinn is beautiful, then Finland, Sweden (have to see some friends we met last trip) and Norway then on to Germany (visiting friends again), finishing in the south of France to do a long 6 – 12 month house-sit in a lovely little village.
    Ahhh I want to go now!

  12. Fantastic! You know what they say, “If you can dream it, you can do it,” so go for it, Julie! What a wonderful itinerary you have planned – hope the saving of necessary Moolah goes quickly 🙂

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