Christmas in Australia

And so Christmas is over. The last of the turkey has been eaten, the ham bone is boiling in the pot smelling delicious ready to be made into soup. And our grown-up children have returned to their own lives and their own routines.

I don’t suppose I’m the only one who feels as if the Christmas anti-climax is a little like grief; a mourning of something past that was good and irreplaceable. A kind of loss.

Especially if you have enjoyed a warm and wonderful Christmas – as we have, complete with a new puppy in the family.

Puppy Rhino had a lovely first Christmas! It totally wore him out!

Christmas Over

But it’s official – it’s all over for another year. The feast of food and swimsuits and champagne are done with. Putting up the tree and decorations is just a memory, and don’t the decorations look just a little jaded now despite the fact that they have a few more days to go? The build up and the excitement of preparing festive food and buying gifts is an energy I can put to rest for about 10 whole months. The circus of activity around the house and the making up of beds with fresh sheets smelling of fabric softener, and decorating duvets with little red bows or Christmas crackers will not be necessary again for a while. The anticipation of gift giving en masse is a frisson of excitement past.

Christmas abroad. A wonderful Christmas feast begins.

Farewell Christmas, Hello New Year!

All these things have now been replaced with a sadness, like a chasm, which needs to be grieved, just for a while, because when the grieving is done my life will soon be filled with routine and the day to day busyness of a new year, as it should. As is right.

Farewell Christmas, Hello New Year!

As Jeff Goins wrote in his poignant blog post, a lament, “The Day after Christmas” …

“Was this how the shepherds felt? After the angel songs ceased and they returned to their flocks? Was this the same let-down the magi experienced, when they began the long trek home and Mary and Joseph fled to Egypt?

Did they wonder, like I do: Was this it? All we had been waiting for?

A baby in a manger? A gift card and a hangover?”

I kind of liked that. Jeff captured the feelings of the day after Christmas so well.

For this moment though I allow myself to wallow in every moment of happiness that this Christmas bestowed upon us. Being together. Laughing together. Feasting together. Enjoying the various things that are so special about being a family.

What are the moments that made Christmas special for your family? What are your traditions?

I wrote here about Christmas in the Philippines, if you are interested in traditions from afar.

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  1. wonderful post Jo – I can relate completely! You really have the gift of writing.
    Have a great New Year. I look forward to catching up.

  2. Johanna

    Thanks Jill, and I’m so glad that you can relate! I wondered if I had been a little melodromatic in my outpouring 🙁 Wishing you a very happy start to the new year and yes, look forward to catching up too.

  3. Nice post…. and what a cute puppy! I’m sure he will help ease the sadness left in the wake of your departed loved ones! 🙂

  4. Thanks Jenny! Hope yours was good too and yes, here’s to a fun 2013.

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