Denmark River and Wilson Inlet

Top things to do in Denmark

Sea-changers and tree-changers come to Denmark for the quality of life and to get away from it all. It does feel remote, almost like another country and if you are in search of things to do in Denmark you won’t be disappointed with its green rolling pastures, vineyards, beaches, tall karri forests and sylvan settings.

Here people can choose to ‘downshift’, perhaps recover from ‘affluenza’ (an “unhealthy preoccupation with money and material things”) and lead simpler lives in which the focus is on quality rather than quantity. (Fom the book “Affluenza” – When too much is never enough -by Clive Hamilton and Richard Denniss – Allen & Unwin)

It’s an alluring, even infectious concept, because soon He Himself and I were plotting ways to buy a little house with a little land and adequate water, in which we would lead an idyllic existance eating fresh veggies, even perhaps milk a cow. Being quite impressionable Iwent along with all this right up to the point when HH said that I wouldn’t need any where near as much money to spend on clothes. “What, you’ll expect me to wear rough hewn hemp and wellington boots all of the time?” I said, a slice of a scream beginning to form in my throat. “Oh yes, he said. You’ll only need a little wardrobe.” Well that did it for me I’m afraid. Shallow as I am. So I’ll not be up with the birds milking a cow at 4am for our daily dose of calcium any time in the near future.

Nevertheless, Denmark is really dreamy. And there are some lovely places to stay. We stayed at a gingerbread-type cottage, called Tree Tops,  in the middle of a Karri forest overlooking the Wilson Inlet.

Tree Tops, Denmark

The birds were incredible – noisy, colourful, abundant and as soon as we opened the sliding doors, there they were, lining up for the bird seed. Made me feel a bit like the Pied Piper, albeit somewhat garish in a pseudo-silk dressing gown from my Hong Kong days.

If you like birds and cool forest air this is the place for you.

Do you have a favourite SWA bird?

Some things to do in Denmark

  • Walk – everywhere
  • Bike around the town and to the inlet
  • Have a slap up lunch at a wine estate.
  • Just go wine tasting – there are several wineries
  • Enjoy the quaint town.
  • Have a picnic by the river.
  • Drive to nearby Albany.
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