Day to Night style
My summer night time look: Sequel shoes from the Airflex range, and a platinum Charade bag. Wearing a peach rose print dress and hibiscus linen jacket from W. Lane stores.

Would you like to win a pair of Airflex Shoes? Here’s your chance to grab a free pair of comfortable but stylish trotters. Read on for entry requirements, and also some handy tips on how to style a day to night look with the same shoes and handbag – worn with different clothes.

Day to Night

I know, I know, we are (so many of us) strapped for time (and cash) these days? Doesn’t life just seem to get busier and busier by the minute, with hardly a moment to think about yourself?

Don’t you just love to have shoes and clothes in your wardrobe that work hard for themselves? The ones that will look great for both day and night? I know I do, and I have a certain amount of favourites which I wear again and again without having to think about what to wear them with or how to style them.

The great thing about living in WA is that you can be as stylish or as casual as you like, and because of our wonderful sunshine and Mediterranean climate, often cool casual is the way to go, with just a little bit of dressiness for night.

A shoe challenge Sister, a challenge

I was contacted by the Airflex Shoes team the other day and they gave me a challenge.

Ha! Now I love me a challenge 🙂

“Choose a pair of shoes and a handbag from our latest range, and style them with different outfits; one for day and one for night?”

How to style a day to night look
The Sequel wedges I chose (bottom right) also come in black (top right). What do you think of the the other two styles of mid season shoes? Angel which come in black or nude (top left) and Alison (bottom left)? I can see them with smart black pants or a little black dress.

I’m always up for a challenge, and was really excited when W.Lane offered to supply the clothes because their ranges and styles really suit my age demographic.

What’s great about the W. Lane range of clothes?

Not too, ‘ Itsy- bitsy-pink-bikini-in- your-daughters-clothes’ look, and not too ‘You’re-nearly-a-granny-style’ either.

No, they’re just right for mid-lifers, stylish but fashionable, easy to wear, and often downright practical because I found quite a lot of garments that  could be rolled up (without creasing) in a suitcase for travelling. (Do you ever do the ‘scrunch’ test when a sales person isn’t watching?)

How to style a day to night look
Loving the new colours this season at W. Lane

So day to night … same shoes and handbag, different outfits – here’s what I came up with.

How to style a day to night look with the same shoes and bag

I chose the Sequel shoes in light taupe because they will go with lots of things, and they’re comfortable but stylish with a wedge heel. They’re pictured above … Cute, aren’t they?

In WA you can end up doing lots of walking, so the pre-requisite from my side was that shoes had to be comfortable for something like a daytime walk along the jetty at Busselton, or otherwise a night time walk from, say a city hotel to a restaurant in Perth – which for me ruled out  heels.

A bag needed to be a little bit glitzy for night time, but it also needed to complement the taupe shoes and be big enough for my day time needs, so the platinum Charade bag was a good fit.

Why I like the Airflex range of shoes

I’ve bought shoes from The Airflex shoe brand before because I like the quality materials (leather uppers and linings), and the fact that the shoes are designed for comfort and the price is quite affordable I think (for leather shoes). Have you ever tried them?

There wasn’t a nude or taupe bag to choose, but that would have been boring. So I chose  the Charade platinum bag which is a nifty size to carry necessities for both day and night and gives just enough Pazazz for night time without looking too garish for daytime. I can fit in my phone, some lippy, a small note-pad (I am a blogger after all), a small purse and a small tube of sun-tan cream. I love the sheen on this bag, it’s a little bit “Look at me” but not too flashy.

How to style a day to night look
New season bags available from Betts Stores. Jardini on the left (black, ultra violet or red) and Charade (silver, black suede or platinum) on the right. I chose the platinum, bottom, far right, to go with the shoes, but I really like the look of that bright red bag. Hmmm, wouldn’t you like that for next winter?

For the clothes. Day-time clothes had to be cool but comfortable, suitable for a beach walk, but also smart enough to go out for lunch. So they had to be supremely versatile.

Casual but stylish for day time

During the daytime at this time of year in WA I don’t want to feel to trussed up. I don’t know about you, but I don’t like to feel constricted because of the heat. Cut-offs are such a good bet when it comes to the WA climate  so whether I’m sitting out by the sea at a Waterfront Restaurant or walking along a beach promenade, cut-offs and a T-shirt are suitable for both eventualities and are casual but stylish. I teamed them with a lightweight peach shirt, to cover up from the sun if necessary.

Day to night style
My day time look. Slim indigo jeans with a navy stripe tank and peach tab shirt from W. Lane with the same (hard working and comfortable) taupe Sequel Airflex shoes and Charade bag. I think the black shoes would have also looked good with this get up.

Evening wear in WA for me needs to be quite casual, because there are not too many places that we would go which require formal wear  – so smart, easy to wear and on trend was my brief to myself when choosing.

A feminine floaty summer dress just fits the bill. A light tailored jacket gives it just the right amount of dress-up factor if we decide to go for a fancy-shmansy dinner (where there’s  likely to be air conditioning), and of course covers my aging arms which leave a lot to be desired.

Day to Night style
Night time in WA, casual but with a jacket for when the sun sinks low.

And voila! The shoes and the handbag go so well with both outfits that they merge beautifully from day to night with no need for anything extra. I also teamed them with some pyramid pants in coral from W. Lane for an alternative day time look.

Day to Night style
The pyramid cut off pants in coral from W. Lane go equally as well with the shoes and bag for a day time look, don’t you think?

“What?”, I hear my friends ask, “We can no longer call you Imelda? Imelda Marcos, she of the many pairs of shoes?”

Ah, ye of little faith!

Win 1 x Pair of Shoes from Airflex

Now it’s your turn.

I have two pairs of Airflex shoes to give away. There’s a pair for a female and a pair for a man.

What do you win?

Each winner will get to choose the Airflex style, colour and size that they like from their nearest Airflex store or from the online collection.

How to enter?

1) Go to the Airflex Online Shop, scroll to the bottom right hand side and “Sign up” to the Airflex Newsletter.
2) LIKE the Airflex Facebook page
3) Write a comment at the bottom of this post (or email me) and tell me why you’d like to win a pair of Airflex shoes. An independent judge will select what they consider to be the most creative or humorous answers.  You can use a pseudonym, but you must provide your email. The two winners will be contacted via email.

Who can enter:

Australian and New Zealand residents over the age of 14.
(Sorry to all my international readers!)

Giveaway Ends:
Giveaway runs for 14 days and closes:  Friday 15th February 2013.

In accordance with my Disclaimer policy, products were supplied to me free of charge by W. Lane and Airflex for editorial consideration.

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  1. Hi Jo,
    What a great task to be given! And you have done a fantastic job. The Air Flex shoes look great – I especially like the look of the taupe Sequel wedges – they look soooo comfy – and the outfits you chose all look wonderful. Might have to go shopping before my next trip away and add to my Imelda collection, too!

  2. Thanks for popping by Carolyn! Yes, they are comfortable, surprisingly so for me as they are not open at the toes. Good travelling shoes 🙂 Ahh, do I spot another Imelda? Good on you!

  3. I would like to win because I am sick of sitting at the computer trying to work out my blog and my computer is on it’s last legs and as slow as a wet weak, which doesn’t help. So I need some nice comfy shoes to get out and waolk and blow the cobwebs out, to cheer me up.

  4. Oh Crickey, Ingrid, you sound fed up. Let me know if I can help you with your blog. Here’s hoping you win a pair of shoes to trot your troubles away though 🙂

  5. I have an addiction to leather flats and there are so many to choose from in the range. I love the Julia, in half sizes too! don’t think I can wait till the competition ends and will have to take advantage of the sale prices while my size is in stock!

  6. Ha Ha, Leonie! I know the feeling well – when you’ve got to have them, you just gotta get them 🙂 Anyway, perhaps now you’re in with a chance to win another pair?

  7. Sharon Fawcett

    What a great, generous giveaway!
    Let me tell you about why I’m in need of a new favourite pair of shoes.
    We live on a farm and during winter hubby and I had been out for a date night consisting of a nice meal and a trip to the movies, anyway when we got home we thought we should head out and check the cows as some of them were close to calving. So we get home, jump in the ute and head out into the paddock. There in the headlights is one of our cows looking rather distressed, we drive closer and I leap from the ute in my good dress and favourite shoes fearing that there was some complication with the birth and we’d need to call the vet. Anyway in my haste and the terrible light I didn’t realise that the cow had already calved and slipped fair onto my backside in the afterbirth ruining both my good dress and my favourite pair of shoes! But we did end up with a healthy little heifer calf.

  8. Oh Sharon! What a funny but heartwarming story! Thank you! Good luck for the competition shoes, I can see that you are definitely in need of some new ‘hooves’. So glad the little heifer was ok, and you didn’t fall on him 🙂

  9. Love the look of these shoes! I have been advised by a podiatrist to wear a slight heal to help with my sore heels so they look ideal. Will have to check them out. I am also a fan of W Lane clothing 🙂

  10. Thanks for your thoughts Janet, glad you like the look of these shoes. Let’s hope they would be ideal for your sore heels 🙂 Good luck in the competition.

  11. from casual, to work to a lunch date, to evening. These Airflex shoes are perfect for “any-wear”! I have worn my work shoes to death this last year, and am “sorely” in need of a new pair before winter. I should think Airflex will certainly “fit the foot” perfectly.

  12. I can see that you are definitely in need of a new pair of ‘trotters’ Jill! Wishing you good luck!

  13. Hi Jo,
    Those shoes look really comfy! I’m all about comfort nowadays and if they can look great too then its a bonus!
    I didn’t know airflex made heels. Thanks for sharing and enlightening me 🙂
    I’ll definitely be checking them out.

  14. Great stuff Ag! Thanks for popping by and hope you find some that you like – I’m sure you will. Good luck in the competition.

  15. I have bought 2 pair of airflex shoes recently, and love them, spotted some lovely ankle boots whilst instore, and so of course now need to win so i can have more !!!

  16. Ha Ha Allyson, I know they are a little bit addictive aren’t they? So comfortable. Good luck in the competition 🙂

  17. My wonderful husband built me a new shoe cupboard on the weekend- here is a man who understands the importance of shoes to a woman. It’s just a pity that he doesn’t show the same respect to the footwear that he chooses for himself! At the last wedding we attended, he wore a pair of tan brogues that he bought in high school. Not only did they look atrocious but then one of the soles detached and he had to spend the rest of the night shuffling along so he didn’t lift his feet. Please help me show him just how good he will look and feel in a swanky new pair of Airflex shoes!

  18. Oh Jen, that is too funny! I think he should be a prime contender for a new pair of shoes!

  19. Jennifer B.

    (SINGING…) Jingle-shoes, jingle-shoes, buying’s been in disarray,
    Heels now hurt bunions and flats are scarce in size 11. HEY!
    So jingle-shoes, jingle-shoes, AIRFLEX avoids this dismay…
    “NOSTALGIA” will take me from morn to night… Christmas every day!!

  20. I can hear you! It’s very Christmassy! I’m singing along, could be lyrics for an Airflex jingle perhaps!! Good luck Jennifer 🙂

  21. Seana Smith

    Hello! I’ve just had a look at the range and am in love with the Cherry and the Milly shoes. I’m running around a lot and need shoes which are super comfy, as these look. The kids are all at school and it’s time to spend a bit more time and effort on clothes, shoes etc And hair! Must find a store nearby to have a browse too.

  22. Hope you find something that suits you, Seana. Yes comfort is high on the priority list for me too.

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