El Questro by Dave Castro
Walking into El Questro gorge

He may have been one of Australia’s biggest exports in the terms of cinema legends and his exploits were larger than life, but eat your heart out Crocodile Dundee, because the Australian Outback is not just the stuff of films and legend, but now more than ever available for anyone inclined towards adventure.

You too can experience creeks and gorges and crocodiles. Eat camp food, sleep out in a swag in remote locations, and not be bothered by humanity at large.

I fondly look back on our 12 day trip with Adventure Wild along the great Gibb River Road in north west Australia. I remember the massive ancient gorges, the iridescent glow of the Cockburn Ranges at sunset, El Questro’s awesome walks, and the huge cattle musters, all of which comes back to me now in bright cinematography.

Cockburn Ranges, north Western Australia by Jo Castro
The sun sets against the magnificent Cockburn Range, once an ancient sea bed and like a fortress, it’s millions of years old.

You will find your own must-see sights and experiences. Go experience them while the Kimberley is still wild and relatively untouched.

The Kimberley, Western Australia by Jo Castro
In May many creeks and ponds are filled with water lillies and an abundance of birds

10 Highlights from The Kimberley in North West Australia, for me, include:-

  1. Lily filled creeks
  2. Jabirus, Kingfishers and Brolgas
  3. Pandanus palms and huge boab trees
  4. Swagging and tenting under the stars
  5. No electronic gadgets
  6. Good honest camping grub
  7. The thermal hot springs at Zebedee Falls
  8. A cruise on the Ord River
  9. Ancient gorges that are as old as time itself
  10. Cattle musters
Kimberley, north western australia by Jo CAstro
Cattle muster in The Kimberley, north Western Australia

What are your favourite memories about The Outback in Western Australia? If you haven’t been, what would you like to see or experience?

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  1. my favourites from the Kimberley? Having Cathedral Gorge completely to ourselves early in the morning at Purnululu, waking up to the sound of birdsong, walking to magnificent waterfalls and gorges for a swim, palm trees and lush tropical growth in the gorges, sitting around camp and looking up at the stars, a flight over Purnululu, sitting in our rock pool at our river-side bush camp at El Questro, the sound of a didgeridoo reverberating through the night air, the immenseness & ruggedness of the Kimberley.
    Jo your post has brought back so many wonderful memories to me.
    Thank you for a wonderful website that really promotes what is great about Western Australia.

  2. Thanks for adding your memories (and kind words) so generously Jill. Can definitely relate to them and am itching to share more soon!. It is a wonderful region that begs to be explored.

  3. Brillant as always Jo. As I read I reckon I can hear the birds, smell the air, hear that didgeridoo in Cathedral Gorge, and the colours…those unforgetable colours of the Kimberleys. Marvelous. Thanks again for the great read. You have truly captured the experience. It never fails to leave me with a smile and such wonderful memories.

  4. Awesome photos Jo and the Kimberley sounds fantastic … I am yet to explore the Kimberley but it’s on my list of things to do, especially after reading your wonderful descriptions. I look forward to it – even the camping sounds like fun
    Mrs 3 Star accommodation is roughing it!

  5. Ahhhhhh… sleeping in a swag under the stars. The outback calls. Amazing photos.

  6. The Kimberley holds our favourite memories and we cannot get enough! We have lived in Broome for 11 years, traveled the Gibb River Road so many times, camped on our boat on and around the islands and rivers out of Derby and Wyndham, cruised from Wyndham to Broome on MV The Great Escape, explored so much of the Kimberley by road, sea and air and we still crave for more.. Thanks Jo for starting my day with so many wonderful visions, memories and happy moments. Take care Simone, Karl & Cody

  7. What a wonderful amount you have seen and done in the north west! Long may you adventure and enjoy to the full. I too would love to explore the wonderful area some more. Thanks for your sunny comments and insights as I type this in rainy Sydney.

  8. Nothing beats looking up at a pitch black sky devoid of light pollution. The stars are not to be ignored when you’re in a swag! Thanks Tracey 🙂

  9. You will love the Kimberley, Ingrid. ‘Mrs 3 Star accommodation is roughing it’ might be surprised with the natural extravagances of the outback! Thanks for commenting. Appreciate you popping by 🙂

  10. I’m so glad it brings back sight, sound and smell memories for you Anne and Joff. I hope I can continue to leave you with a smile as I carry on with the Kimberley journey next week. Appreciate you coming by to add your comments 🙂

  11. Many thanks Jo,
    We did the Kununnurra to Broome leg last year with Adventure Wild and in three weeks time will do the Broome to Kununnurra section up the Gibb River Road.
    Your narrative and photos make the wait worthwhile.We were on our trip last year with Rory but met Greg And Choccy in the Bungle Bungles as they were doing a parallel trip at the time.
    Also caught up with them all at the travel show in Sydney earlier this year.
    Great people and phenomenal tour company.

  12. That’s great Keith! Yes, great people and fabulous tour company – they are fun to be with but responsible and organised too. I’m so glad you enjoyed the narrative and photos, please keep coming back – over the next few months I’ll post the full 12 days – and would love your comments about your memories and highlights so please feel free to add to the story in the comments section 🙂 Have a fabulous trip from Broome to Kununurra – it’s pretty speccy 🙂

  13. I was completely blown away by the teeming life of Kakadu national park and also loved the quiet serenity of the Red Centre. The Kimberley is next on the list!

  14. Thanks, Natasha – ah yes, the Red Centre how lovely. Haven’t been to Kakadu yet. Hope you get to the Kimberley soon 🙂

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