In the heart of the wheatbelt you’ll come to Corrigin.

Getting to Corrigin can be a journey of discovery in itself and you’ll be reminded of just how big Western Australia really is.

You’ll drivie along long straight strips of roads, flanked (in season) by a shimmering sea of wheat and big blue skies. Mallee trees and salmon gums with their ghostly white bark and architecturally delightful branches will form wonderful shapes in the sky. You’ll hardly see any other traffic, and as you journey towards this small town you can be forgiven for drifting into fantasy or daydreams.

Corrigin, roads leading to

Corrigin is a grain town, around 235km south east of Perth. It has a long history of agriculture and the town itself is a hub for farmers.

There are tracks and trails in and around the town which is at the base of a large granite rock.

Look out for some beautiful street art and murals around the town itself.

Corrigin street mural

People are friendly and although the town is small you’ll soon discover it’s big heart. So don’t just whizz through on your way south, stop awhile, stay over and delve into the delights of a country town that has much to offer the overnight tourist.

Miss B's Garden, Corrigin

Corrigin Fast Facts

Corrigin is in the Central Wheatbelt of Western Australia

It’s around 230km south east of Perth – Take the Brookton Highway.

Corrigin is an agricultural town and a hub for grain production.

The historic town hall offers a great photo opportunity.

Town Hall, Corrigin

Quirky Attraction

Visit the quirky Dog Cemetery, just 5kms out of town on the Brookton Highwy. It was established as a tribute to “Man’s Best Friend” in 1974 – you can’t miss it as there’s a statue of a large dog at the entrance.

Wildflowers around Corrigin

Wildflower Country – from around September to October WA’s famed wildflowers will be in bloom around Corrigin. Take the wildflower drive which is across the road from the dog cemetery.

Scenic Lookouts

You might think that the wheatbelt is flat, and many believe quite boring. But this isn’t so …There are a number of scenic lookouts. Walk up Corrigin Rock, view the ANZAC Memorial, or drive to the scenic lookout which you’ll find along the wildflower drive.

Keep Cool

The locals will tell you about Gorge Rock which is 20kms out of town and a beautiful natrual rock pool, once the swimming hole before the town’s swimming pool was built. At the top of Gorge Rock there are scenic views of the countryside around Corrigin.

Gardens and Parks

In town you’ll love Miss B’s garden.

Miss B's Park, Corrigin

Kids can have fun at the adventure playground, and there’s Rotary Park too. There are BBQ and toilet facilities.

Corrigin Museum

Corrigin Pioneer Museum gives you a peak into the past. Phone (08) 9063 2246 for opening times

Agricultural Show

This is held each year in early September.

Wine, Dine, Recline in Corrigin

We had a lovely lunch at the Corrigin Hotel below, dining in the shady courtyard. Inside the hotel you’ll find heritage charm mixed with modern amenities.

Corrigin Hotel
  • Corrigin Caravan Park
  • Windmill Motel
  • The Mains Guest House
  • Corrigin Roadhouse
  • The Mallee Tree Cafe and Gallery
  • Dawns Delights Cafe
  • Corrigin District Club

Tourist Information at Corrigin Community Resource Centre Tel: 9063 2778

What to Pack

Do take sunscreen, a wide brimmed hat, and in fly season remember to bring your fly net.

For the walks and trails comfortable, covered, walking shoes are recommended.

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