Chris Guillebeau and Jo Castro from Zigazag
Pictured with Chris Guillebeau at the Problogger Training Event in Melbourne. Yes, I did buy his most recent book, and yes, it is autographed 🙂

“Emotional connections are much stronger than educational connections and emotional needs are more important than educational needs,”

Said Chris Guillebeau at the Problogger Event in Melbourne.

It’s bloggie Friday … so read on if you’re a blogger, and if not, why not go on a little trip to Albany today?

Emotional vs Educational

Don’t you sometimes find that when you write what you think is a clever blog post with lots of good information, it sometimes fails to gain attention and just dies, disappearing into the graveyard of un-read blog posts with no more than a sigh?

On the other hand, have you ever found that a post you’ve written straight from the heart, one which sort of gushes forth while you try to keep up with your thoughts, one which may not contain heaps of  announcements and information, strangely and for no apparent reason gets lots of traction?

From the heart

Heart by Jo Castro

Point in case. A few weeks ago,  I wrote an impassioned post on writer, Jeff Goins’ blog entitled “Why writers’ write”. The original draft for that post just seemed to write itself (although I confess to many edits and primps and preens to get it ready for Jeff’s wonderful site) but even so I was worried that readers might not get what I was on about, or even be interested.

Loads of comments

I was anxious because during the first writing I didn’t agonise over either the topic or the words. And at the back of my mind there was a little niggle; this is going too well. Surely there’s no gain without pain?  The post wanted to be written and I let it out, straight from my heart.  I wondered if I’d been a bit too open and delved a bit too deep, so I was amazed when the post received a huge response in the comments section.

How to connect with readers

Chris Guillebeau’s quote about emotional needs and connections being stronger than educational ones, is probably at the crux of this. And although I think that everything we blog about should either be entertaining or contain useful information I think that if we can tug at the heart strings of our readers we are likely to connect in a far more meaningful way than just via ‘announcing’ educational stuff.

What do you think? Do you manage to connect emotionally with your readers, and if so how do you do it?

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  1. Good question. I don’t think I do connect emotionally with my readers. I write more light-hearted post, I hopefully make them smile and feel happier for stopping by but I’m not good and the digging deep and sharing posts. My greatest response comes from when I let loose and enjoy the writing and make myself giggle when I am writing. Now I am just rambling aren’t I. Rachel x

  2. I think, like life, Johanna, that if something just “flows” then it’s bound to be easy to relate to. That’s why those from the cuff and from the heart posts can resonate so well with readers.

  3. Yes from the cuff, from the heart and maybe it’s a case of following your gut too. Thanks for commenting Nikki.

  4. I think connecting in a lighthearted way is the same thing , Rachel. You are still connecting on a level deeper than just superficial 🙂 Thanks for popping by:)

  5. I definitely relate better to posts that are written from the heart. Working on that in my own blogs.

  6. Seems to be the resounding sentiment Jan. Hope your own posts go well too 🙂

  7. Yes, I agree, writing from the heart wins it for me every time. And the readers can sense that too, that what you are writing is heart felt, and real, and they can connect or relate it to their own lives.

  8. Thanks for popping by Amanda. Consider myself very lucky, and will relay more of his words of wisdom in parts 2 and 3.

  9. I’ve experimented with a few different post styles. The posts I get most feedback from (both online and off) are where I’ve shared an experience or hung myself out there – so to speak. Questions I ask myself while my finger hovers over the publish button….. Is this too trite? Is this too deep? Help… why am I doing this?

  10. Hi Tracey, I think those three questions are great to ask before you hit the publish button, and thanks for sharing.

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