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The Cape of Many Colours. 13 Amazing reasons to visit South Africa.

The Cape of many colours. Hands up who loves South Africa? What about The Cape Province? Beautiful, isn't it? If South Africa is, as the cliché goes, ‘a world in one country’ then The Cape at … [Read more...]

Best Wildlife Photos from Africa and Australia

I love photographing wildlife. Especially in Africa. I have to admit I'm more of a point and click snapper, than a change-the-lens and carry heavy equipment type of potographer, but I love being … [Read more...]

Bastille Day in Franshhoek, South Africa

Happy Bastille Day to Zigazag's French readers in particular! I mention Bastille Day not because I'm French, but because it gives me cause to remember the last Bastille Day celebrations I … [Read more...]

Travel Photography. Capture the Colour Around The World.

Finding the right photos to tell a travel story is always interesting, and sometimes, as with most travel photography, some photos stand out more than others particularly when it comes to colour.  As … [Read more...]

Moving on – without the dogs

  A puddle of tears A double mattress on the carpet, two cocker spaniels, a farting dalmation, and me. Or more precisely, a dissolving puddle of me, in tears on the floor, six months … [Read more...]