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Best Summer things to do in North Devon

Minis and Marching Bands. I love the sound of a marching band. Bagpipes and big bass drums beating into the open air often sonorous, sometimes uplifting, always inspiring like the prelude to a … [Read more...]

Philippine Floods. You can Help.

Travel has an aura of glamour. Doesn’t it? But not today, not if you are in The Philippines, a country which is suffering huge floods and torrential rain. Imagine this Your home is … [Read more...]

Bastille Day in Franshhoek, South Africa

Happy Bastille Day to Zigazag's French readers in particular! I mention Bastille Day not because I'm French, but because it gives me cause to remember the last Bastille Day celebrations I … [Read more...]

Travel Photography. Capture the Colour Around The World.

Finding the right photos to tell a travel story is always interesting, and sometimes, as with most travel photography, some photos stand out more than others particularly when it comes to colour.  As … [Read more...]

What to do in Sydney Australia on a long weekend

What to do and Where to go in Sydney Australia. First of all, remember, You Can't Do It All. So take a deep breath because there is much to choose from if you're only here for a few days. Here … [Read more...]

Where to go when you’re stuck in a West Australian winter rut

Fancy skiing? Apparently it's snowing in the mountains near Melbourne.   How’s the weather with you? Here the wind is howling, and we are stuck in a West Australian winter rut. I can see the tall … [Read more...]

20 must-do outdoor pursuits for the young at heart.

Don’t you love being outdoors? If you’re reading this then perhaps not! I know how addictive the internet can be, and many’s the time I’ve put off going for my daily run under the pretext of, ‘just … [Read more...]

Memoir …. A Love Story … Bangkok.

“Journeys end with lovers meeting” William Shakespeare. A boy, a girl and a chance meeting at a temple in Thailand that led to a love affair and a life lived on four continents. Let me take you … [Read more...]

The Funny Side of Travel Conversations

Have you ever had one of those odd conversations where one of you is talking about one thing, and the other is unwittingly hearing and responding with something else entirely? I had one of those … [Read more...]

Fab Beaches of the World

Thoughtful Thursday. Sometimes you come upon some place so beautiful that you are lost for words. This happened to me at Little Beach in Albany (South West Australia) recently, where the clear … [Read more...]

Unusual hikes of the world. Mount Pinatubo, The Philippines

This is the second installment of the Mount Pinatubo adventure For the first installment, please click back to "Adventure in the Philippines. Along the Pumice Trail". We arrive at a little … [Read more...]

Where are the best beaches in Perth?

My Wanderings of Perth Beaches A Guest Post by Nita Teoh One of my favourite pasttimes whenever my partner and I take time out for relaxation is to have a walk along the beaches of Perth. It’s a … [Read more...]

Adventure in the Philippines – Along the Pumice Trail

Climbing Mount Pinatubo The Philippines. Angeles City.  March. Our night was troubled. We were anxious about the climb. Would it be too hot? What about heat stroke? If it rained, would we be buried … [Read more...]

It’s A Blog and Travel World in Perth

Yesterday was definitely a Zigazag 'Wish you were here day' in Perth. First of all I attended the Holiday and Travel Expo at The Burswood Convention Centre and then had a wonderful afternoon gazing … [Read more...]

Top Things to do and Places to see in Western Australia

There's so much to do in WA, but I don't know about you,  so little time to do it considering that, often, vast distances have to be covered to get to places. There are forests, and beaches and … [Read more...]

What’s great about the 21st Century

"The past is a foreign country, they do things differently there." From the Go-Between.   I don’t believe in the good old days. I’ll admit the world is facing many crises but I still … [Read more...]

Christmas in The Philippines

What's Christmas like in the Philippines? We were lucky to spend nearly 4 years in The Philippines. Christmas was a very special time. Here's what to expect. Maligayang Pasko! Merry … [Read more...]

Moving on – without the dogs

  A puddle of tears A double mattress on the carpet, two cocker spaniels, a farting dalmation, and me. Or more precisely, a dissolving puddle of me, in tears on the floor, six months … [Read more...]

Disconnected. A Memoir.

Once upon a time we lived in a tiny one-bedroom flat no bigger than a postage stamp. It was was riddled with cockroaches and situated at the back of the Malla Hotel in Kathmandu. I had just turned 31 … [Read more...]

Are you living abroad?

Are you an expat living in Australia? Are you interested in topics and issues about living abroad? Things like finding fulfillment and identity, or even how to develop a career in your suitcase? Then … [Read more...]