World Travel Tales

The Philippines, Jeepney, by Jo Castro, pic Copyright by Jo Castro

Climbing Mount Pinatubo in the Philippines is an adventure not for the fainthearted. It must rank as one of the great hikes of the world but it’s a long, hot walk to the crater through weirdly beautiful yet desolate scenery Mount Pinatubo rumbled awake, after 600 years of peace, during June 1991. The inferno which followed displaced almost a million people from Central Luzon and destroyed thousands of hectares of farmland. About 41,000 homes were destroyed and hundreds of people died.

Christmas in the Philippines. Food is a focal point of every Filipino fiesta and Christmas is extra special. For Noche Buena tables are laden with Christmas delicacies. With over 7,000 Philippine islands, and many different provinces, Noche Buena may consist of various regional culinary delicacies.

One of the hardest things about moving country is leaving friends and family behind, but then your heart is wrenched again when it comes to your pet dogs. Some of ours have have made the trip, Charlie the cocker spaniel for instance had his ticket booked from England to South Africa before any of our tickets were paid for, but other dogs due to considerations such as age, or long periods of quarantine didn’t make it to the terminals.

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