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Culture Shock and How to Cope with it

COPING WITH CULTURE SHOCK It’s never easy settling into a new home and a new country, no matter how much we embellish our feelings with bravado, and no matter how much enthusiasm we have for all … [Read more...]

Manila The Philippines and a strange night out.

Guess where I went not so long ago? Beautiful island, fabulous beach, climbed up Mount Pinatubo , visited a drop-dead-divine-destination  such as Puerto Galera pictured above? Nope,  today my … [Read more...]

Thought for the day

Meandering along the leafy lanes of Margaret River. Grapes ripening, vines beginning to turn red and gold, we were far away from any rat race. And then we saw this sign ... It was at Olio … [Read more...]


Sometimes we are so busy keeping it all together that we lose sight of the small stuff that makes life such a miracle. A bee gathering nectar to turn into honey alchemy of any sort unsung … [Read more...]

Taking the first step

There's a saying that goes something like ... the distance is nothing, it's only the first step that's difficult, and isn't that true for so many things? Moving abroad is like that too ...  Putting … [Read more...]

When you come to a fork in the road, take it – Yogi Berra

Albany or Denmark? The road forked, we made a choice based on a whim, and we were not disappointed. That's the nice thing about a life on the move or living abroad ... you get to explore, based on … [Read more...]

What makes life worthwhile?

Philosophers through the ages have suggested that life can be made worthwhile through art, love and the pursuit of knowledge. While all this is certainly holds true for me, landscape and being at one … [Read more...]

Posts on ZigaZag may contain affiliate links from which I earn commission.