Casanova Guide to Valentine's Day

From kings and queens to presidents, poets, actors and actresses, history is filled with the stories of famous love stories and unrequited romances. In the popular imagination Casanova needs no introduction, because his name has become synonymous with being a ladies’ man.

If he were alive today Casanova I wonder what he would have made of a day dedicated to the celebration of love and romance? Would he have been unscrupulous in his outlook, and used the occasion for his own seductive ends?

Maybe he would have approved of  the most romantic day of the calender which is coming up in just a couple of days time? Would he remember it each year?

Valentine’s Day

Secret Admirers have no trouble in remembering Valentine’s Day.

Do you remember the anticipation when you were younger waiting to see if a hand written, anonymous message or gift would be delivered to your front door? The banging heart, the flush to the cheeks if the postman arrived with a white envelope and the wondering if it was really HIM who had sent it.

I do.

But sometimes I also felt a little like Bridget Jones.

Or I found out that the romantic message had come from the Wrong One – he who believed himself to be Casanova, but who in reality fell a length short of Cupid’s arrow.

Perhaps for you too, the day can also be a reminder of lost love or of missing out?

And there is always a downside to a day like this because not everyone is lucky enough to be able to count on secret admirers, boyfriends or husbands to make the day special.

But perhaps we should think beyond the mushy romantic love version of Valentine’s Day, the one where we’re expected to buy, consume and do something special.

Casanova Guide to Valentine's Day
Be kind to yourself on Valentine’s Day – go and smell the roses, watch a lovely sunset, make a pavlova, take a friend and enjoy lunch overlooking the vines.

For it can also be a time and day of honouring friendships and family relationships, or perhaps accepting and apoligising for neglect or hurtful words, or even just reconnecting with your inner self – think meditation and being kind to yourself for the day.

Why not go and sit quietly looking over a beautiful view or take a gentle walk on sweet smelling cut grass in a town park. Treat yourself to your favourite chocolate treat perhaps?

Be kind to yourself on Valentine’s Day, because you’re worth it.

On the mushy love front these days with Twitter and Facebook, the anonymous excitement has all but been eradicated and in many cases Valentine’s Day is just another day of mass consumerism.

Are you still a lover of heart shapes, flower bouquets and red roses?

Don’t you  think that Valentine’s Day is a day for married couples to rekindle and remember their love for one another.

It shouldn’t be a day that’s forgotten, no matter how small the gesture of appreciation.

The Casanova guide to Valentine’s Day

February 14th has been the day for lovers to express their love for each other for hundreds of years

Though shall not forget Valentine’s Day.

Though shall let your loved one know how special he or she is

Though shall not treat it as ‘just another day’

Casanova ideas for romantic gestures that don’t cost too much money

A lovely letter or a card with beautiful words

A massage at home

Champagne breakfast – don’t forget some flower petals strewn around the table

A date-night in with a home cooked special meal, and a bottle of champagne – don’t forget the red rose as the centre piece

Casanova guide to Valentine's Day

Bake a cake and write “I love you” on the icing

Bring her a single red rose, along with your love and appreciation

Buy her some gorgeous lingerie

Make him his favourite meal and tell him you’re wearing the sexy lingerie he bought you.

Scatter flower petals on the bed, or down the hallway, or along the garden path to a table set for two.

Ideas on experiences for two in Western Australia

Swim with dolphins or feed dolphins (Bunbury, Monkey Mia)

Book a Spa experience

Enjoy a sunset cruise or a boat trip – think Fremantle, Perth, Mandurah

Go on a Swan Valley lunch or sunset cruise

How about a Penguin Island cruise?

Book a Massage for two

Go out for a champagne breakfast

Book a photography Workshop

Go Horse Riding somewhere quiet and beautiful

Have lunch at a Margaret River Wine Estate

Book dinner at a city restaurant with a romantic view – Think the revolving restaurant in Perth

Adrenalin Experiences

The Casanova guide to Valentine's Day

Hit the sky in a Hot Air balloon trip

Experience the excitement of a helicopter flight

Woah, have an andrenaline rush and try a tandem sky dive

Casanova guide to Valentine's Day

Take a scenic flight in a small aircraft

Let him have a rally driving experience

Accommodation and more Romantic Experiences

Perth Accommodation is never cheap but Experience Perth has a good selection of Valentine Day packages on offer here, as well as some dining and romantic experiences– you might want to check them out.

Valentine’s Day events at Event Finder

What to do in Margaret River on Valentine’s Day – here’s a monthly Event Calender

Today I’m linking to Mosaic Monday at Little Red House where you’ll find some other wonderful mosaic posts.

Do you have any tips for a Casanova guide to Valentine’s Day?

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  1. Pondside

    I’ll skip the adventurous Valentine’s experiences and opt for a massage and a candlelight dinner, thank you!

  2. Lots of wonderful ideas therein for Valentine’s Day Jo – you have researched well! – pity it is a work day! There should be more of “things for two” going on in life.
    Great to see you sharing over a Mosaic Monday Jo. Have a lovely Valentine’s Day.

  3. Thanks Jill, glad you found the post interesting! I was berated by He Himself this evening who informed me that Casanova could not be called a ‘romantic’. Ah well, it’s all in the opinion I guess! I loved your Fruits of Summer post – pop over folks, Jill is a fabulous storyteller and photographer 🙂

  4. We opted for a walk in the rain (unintentional but cool) and a candlelit dinner. I found it hard to choose a favourite photo because they are all so good, but I think the collage is beautiful.

  5. Thank you Jan. I expect your walk in the rain and dinner were spectacular 🙂

  6. A Garden of Threads

    Nice roses. The red says Valentine’s to me.

  7. I love all these ideas. Other than some specifics, it can be applicable anywhere outside of WA too. I love the idea of a massage and a candlelight dinner but I’ve also always wanted to go on a hot air balloon ride. I hope you had a wonderful Valentine’s Day.

  8. Thanks Mary, and you too 🙂 Yes, many of the ideas are relevant for anywhere in the world – hot air balloon rides are fun, and get the adrenaline going for sure!

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