By Guest Writer, Jayde Ferguson who talks us through the pros and cons of Caraven Travel vs Camper Trailer Travel in WA.

Caravan Travel
Australia is a big, beautiful and magical place. You could travel around the country for the rest of your life, and still find a new and exciting spot to explore.

If you live here, there’s nothing better than investing in a travel rig to get up and go outback whenever the heart desires.

The Kimberley, Bungle Bungles

Whilst I may be a little biased in saying this, I think that Western Australia is arguably the best state to experience off-road adventures in. All of Australia is stunning – especially when you’re on the countryside or road tripping down coastal drives. WA though, especially in the northern parts, is the most untouched, rugged and pristine part of the country’s wilderness. As isolated as it is, it’s simply breathtaking.

Outback Australia, The Kimberley by Jo Castro

What’s right for your needs?

If you haven’t experienced its slice of heaven, now is the time to start prepping for the scenery. Most travel and camping enthusiasts will invest in something more than a tent for the journey. You’re not just limited to camper trailers and caravans; but these are the top options for ease, comfort, safety and practicality. Both are fantastic for WA travel, but weighing up the options is vital in finding the right rig for your needs.

Caravan travel vs Camper Trailer travel?

Know Your Requirements First

Your new travel rig is an investment. Budgeting for upfront costs and considering your requirements first is important to ensuring it’s the right one. One of the best features of the pop top camper trailer is the price tag. They don’t break the bank, making it a cost-effective and suitable way to travel off-road in WA. Unlike caravans and motorhomes which tend to need a lot of maintenance, camper trailers offer the RV essentials without the additional costs.

Camper Trailer vs Caravan Travel

Outback Adventures Need Practicality and Convenience

Camping is great, but if you’re venturing off to multiple places there’s the hassle of setting up and pulling down each time. Caravans are handy for this reason because everything is ready to go, exactly how you want it.

Although camper trailers are quicker than pitching a tent, caravans have little to no set up and pack up time. On the flipside,  lightweight camping trailers are easier to tow, and these sort of campers have a lower profile because of their size (typically 600-900 kilos) which can make them a more practical option for travellers. This helps with fuel-efficiency, lowers wind resistance and makes them easier to handle on the road.

Storage Considerations

Storage is another vital consideration for camping convenience – even more so if you’re bringing the kids! Both caravans and campers are designed to have storage. Many caravans, despite their size, can have limited flexibility and storage because more facilities are cramped into the space. Camper trailers are great for space-efficiency on the road and when it comes to storage. They include a variety of storage compartments, with a great balance between function and space-efficiency. Because of their lower profile too, you’ll be able to stack items on top of the camper too. Some models even have fold-out racks suitable for small boats, canoes or other essentials you wish to bring on your adventure.

Caravan Travel

Caravan Travel

As creatures of comfort, we crave many of the essential items we have at home on the road. Modern-day caravans have reached the point where they have everything. Standard models will feature a cooktop, lounge zone and sleeping area with a bed. The more extreme versions include a washing machine, toilet, TV, air-con and even home theatres and separate bathrooms/bedrooms.

Off Road, with the Comforts of Home

Camper trailers also allow you to experience the joys of camping, with the comforts of home. Amenities like built-in kitchens and ready-made beds that pull out ensure campers offer great conveniences.

Hard Floor Camper vs Soft Floor Camper?

If comfort is key but you don’t want to fork out a fortune for a caravan, opt for a hard-floor camper over a soft-floor one. This will offer a more comfortable sleeping surface, they are often easier to put-up, and the floor will be raised from the ground so rain is less likely to get into the camper. Their size, compactness and comfort additions made them a cosy travelling and sleeping solution.

How Do You Want to See Western Australia?

Whilst budget, comfort, convenience and practicality all play important roles for choosing a travel rig, it’s crucial you consider your travel destinations too.

The way you choose to explore will impact your decision.

So Will You buy a Caravan or a Camper Trailer?

Will you be taking a two or four-wheel drive? Caravans are harder to tow because of their size, so many families and travellers prefer the ease of a camper trailer.

Caravan Travel

If you are planning on going completely off road, 4WD campers can go with you too. Their lightweight and compact properties make access easy and saves needing to leave the caravan at site.

WA is truly a spectacular place and thus, it should come with an authentic camping experience. Many travellers that upgrade from a tent to a better travel rig don’t want to ‘sell out’. Caravans – despite their better weather protection and size, can sometimes feel like this to the dedicated outback enthusiast. One of my personal favourite things about campers is you still feel like you’re camping in the outback. It just simply comes with more comfort and convenience!

Camper trailers are also easy to store when they’re not in use. So, if you’re only planning on travelling around the WA outback a couple of times a year, it won’t be a mission to keep at home.

What travel rig will you be investing in for Aussie adventures?

Author Bio

This article is written by Jayde Ferguson, who writes for Google+.

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  1. Great article with lots of good points covered to consider. We upgraded from a tent to a camper trailer and now to a caravan. I was a bit sad when our camper trailer was sold just recently as I know we won’t be able to go with the caravan where we used to go with the camper trailer. However, the caravan is much easier to set up, especially for an overnight stop. Last year we had 22 campsites in 42 days in the Kimberley. We we well and truly over setting up and taking down our camper by the end of it. However, I know I won’t be taking our caravan on the Gibb River Rd – if I want to do that again I might have to tent-it!

  2. Wow, you’ve done some trips and stop-overs with your trusty camper trailer, Jill! I can imagine that you are a bit over all the setting up and taking down, and it’s time for new adventures with a caravan. I can’t wait to see where you may wander 🙂

  3. Hi Seanna, like you I think I’d prefer a little wander in a caravan, but He Himself would prefer a camper.

  4. Such a tricky decision! I still like my tent, but there’s the constant allure of being more and more comfortable when camping. I’ll probably end up with a caravan one day too.

  5. We love our caravan now. In our twenties we loved our tent and campervan. With our kids we loved tenting. Something for every stage in life.

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