Bunbury Shore LinesShakiah Iriks, author Sally Murphy and Ashley McCann read out performance pieces at the Shore Lines opening event in Bunbury recently.

Are you a storyteller, or a poet?  Do you fancy trying your hand at writing prose, stand up comedy, one act plays, speeches, songs, hip hop or monologues for performance?

Don’t worry if you think you can’t write for performance because help is at hand –  there will be community workshops to help develop your writing for performance skills if you feel a little unsure. But remember that many traditional stories and fairytales were first ‘told’ before they were written  and you may be better at it than you think.

So what exactly is it all about? Well, Shore Lines is a competition and a unique festival that exists nowhere else in Australia. It’s one of a kind and held in Bunbury every two years.

It allows new and established writers to present their work to a live audience in a variety of venues around Bunbury’s CBD,  and there are two parts to the event. The first is the selection of pieces to be performed, so head over to the Website  to find out more, and pick up an entry form. You could also email the co-ordinator, Jenni Brown. Email: jbrown@bunbury.wa.gov.au or visit Bunbury Public Library

Any kind of writing can be submitted, as long as it has been written to suit performance and is received by Monday 7th May 2012.

Part two of the festival is on Saturday 3 November 2012 when free performances of selected pieces will be staged at a variety of venues in Bunbury.

Shore Lines is unique. Think of a soapbox on a streetcorner, a play in a local cafe, or hip hop on the beach featuring writers and performers from near and far. Entry is open to all writers, and there are also categories for those under 18 and 13 years old. There’s a limit of a maximum of two pieces per person and entries will be assessed on merits of their suitability for performance.

Approximately 150 pieces were submitted by writers in 2010, and there were 22 performances. Are you up for the challenge in 2012?


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