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Yet another bloggie Friday comes around. I hope you’re all anticipating a wonderful weekend ahead, but first here’s a little blog inspiration about how to boost blog traffic.

“Dream big about your blog – but be strategic in your actions and your thinking. And remember always be humble – because Socrates was right!”

Boost blog traffic via strategic thinking

How to attract more traffic to your blog  and boost blog traffic is one of the biggest conundrums we face as bloggers.

As someone said, “You can’t monetise a blog, but you can monetise an audience.” Not everyone wants to monetise their blog, but as bloggers we all want to have readers, don’t we?

But boosting your readers and traffic isn’t possible without upping your blog strategy. So today here are five strategic ways to think in a smart way about your blog and where you’re going with it.

1. Think of strategic ways to gain new followers.

You can’t just write a blog post and hope for the best. Believe me, I’ve tried. In fact I don’t even want to tell you for how long my blog flatlined in the beginning. It was like posting into the void, but I knew no better.

You have to boost blog traffic in strategic ways.

Right from the start, begin to think strategically about how you’re going to find people who might like to read your blog.

  • put out a request for people to share your Facebook Page (you do have one, don’t you?)
  • join the conversation on forums appropriate to your niche
  • engage in relevant Facebook Groups
  • interact more with Twitter Tweeps and keep adding more Twitter followers
  • learn how to best use Google+
  • hand out your business card whenever it’s appropriate
  • make sure that you promote your blog posts via all the social media channels that you are signed up to
  • perhaps join blog parties, link-ups or blog carnivals
  • reply to comments on your blog, and perhaps email those people who add to the conversation – make them feel appreciated.
  • Think all the time about where your potential readers are gathering and find out how you can join in and participate in those places.

2. Know your goals

No goal is too big or too stupid. Write down your short and long term goals and stick them up somewhere you can see them. I believe in the power of attraction – don’t you? If you really really want something and work towards it consciously (and subconsciously) then it’s  more likely to happen.

Think of some 1 month, 6 month, 1 year and 5 year goals – and Write Them Down to help boost blog traffic.

3. Create a Reader Profile

Darren Rowse says that creating a reader profile is really important so that you can tailor your posts to a particular person. This makes your posts more personal and relevant too. So decide who you want to read your blog, and think about who’s reading your blog already. You might like to run a poll or a survey to help you find out more about them.

Doing this, Darren says will “Revolutionise what you do with your blog.” Why? Because you will have a better idea of who you’re writing for and what they want to know or find out.

4. Brand your blog to be recognised and boost blog traffic.

Branding is all about how people perceive you, or your blog. It’s what people say about you when you’re not in the room.  Think for a moment or two about the big brands – what do you feel about Virgin or Coca Cola, how about MacDonalds? And what about well known blogs – when you think of the blogs that you read, what sort of image do they convey to you?

Think about what do people say about your blog – why not ask some other bloggers? Do you come across as professional or quirky, aloof or friendly. Is your blog on track with how you want to come across – if it’s not you might need to make some changes.

5. Hook people to your blog

There are different ways to glue people to your blog so that you are more often visible. It’s a consistency thing and it will boost blog traffic. If you see someone’s face or name bandied around a lot, isn’t the general perception: “Gee, they seem to be doing well!” So think about how you are going to get your name into the tram lights more often. Success builds success and all that.

Think about how you can best use:-

  • Twitter
  • Email
  • ‘Follow Post’
  • Google+
  • Pinterest
  • Instagram
  • Sidebar widgets
  • Facebook
  • LinkedIn
  • A monthly newsletter
  • Forums and other social media channels.

If you can be ‘all over the internet’ commenting and guest posting frequently then that helps (but it’s time consuming).

You might also need to identify which social media sites work best for you and concentrate on one or two rather than many.

6. When people get to your site – what do you want them to do?

Getting people to take action is important. You don’t just want readers to bounce away and never return. Think about whether you want them to …

  • Subscribe to your blog
  • Follow posts or comments
  • Make a comment
  • Join a membership scheme
  • Buy your book or product
  • Spread the Word
  • Follow on Facebook

Make sure it’s easy for them to do the most important things that you’d like them to take action on.


My Big Thanks as always to various blog mentors who have contributed in one form or another to the ideas I’ve accumulated for this post and other posts about blogging. Visit their sites for much more in depth information and advice:

Problogger Darren Rowse, Copyblogger Brian Clark, Boost Blog Traffic Jon Morrow

For an exhaustive list of every blog monetisation tactic check out this post: How to Monetize a Blog – 37 Practical Tactics on Authority Hacker.

Check out, The Art of Non-Conformity by Chris Guillebeau, and also  Blog Tyrant. and Digital Nomad Wannabe for fabulous advice about how to work online, and make money online.

When you think about how to boost your own blog strategy, what tips do you think you could you add in the comments?

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  1. Great article and some good tips. I especially like the one about creating a user profile so that you can tailor your content to a certain section of people. This can help you have a unique voice. It’s funny cos even if say you aimed for 30 year old blokes, you will probably still get 50 year old women reading as some may like that particular banter.

    My strategy is to aim to make EVERY post as useful as I can. I am also trying to be as social as I can and be more giving. I now accept guest posts and contributions to posts. I give links back but encourage them to share the article. They usually do since they are mentioned on the article, and this puts my blog in front of new people. I also Tweet other peoples’ content, and since I have started this I have definitely got more retweets in return, and more traffic from Twitter. Just try and be a good person.

  2. That’s fantastic advice Jon, thank you. Your strategy to share and be useful is probably at the core of blogging but it’s so easy to slip into self indulgence, not to share and forget to be useful. I think it was Blog Tyrant who tweeted, that if he had written a guest post that he felt was too good to give away to another site, then he knew it was good. Yes, you’re right, trying to be a good person – in life and on the internet is gold.

  3. why blog, what to blog, and who reads your blog – the big eternal questions of blogging.
    We all ask these questions of ourselves at one time or another.
    You have given some great tips for bloggers Jo. I guess the more time we put into it, and more we get out of it.

  4. I agree and I guess in the end great content wins – and speaking to your niche audience in a way that they feel connected are also so important, Jill.

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