Today, I feel as if I’ve been on a blogging journey, where blogging gems and diamonds hide.

Tea at Dawn

How does your day begin? My day started at 7.00am when I sat down at the computer with a cup of Rooibos Tea – that’s African Red Bush tea, the sort drunk by Precious Ramotswe, Botswana’s only and finest female private detective in Alexander McCall Smith’s novels

Beach, Western Australia
Cap on head, water bottle ready, trainers on. I WAS going to exercise. Really, definitely, absolutely. On the beach. For an hour. Just after I’d checked my emails, Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin and written one quick draft for a blog post. Then I would have some breakfast. Probably porridge. High in fibre, good for keeping down cholesterol 🙂 🙂

Oh REALLY? So THAT was the plan?

It is now nearly 3pm and I am still here. Just one cup of coffee and a tub of yoghurt later. Cap on head, water bottle ready, trainers on.

Insane or What?

I’ve hardly come up for air. Am I stupid or what? It’s sunny outside and my bike and the beach have been waiting. Patiently. For me. I know they have. What is this addiction the internet seems to hold over me?

So what have I learned? I must have learned something today, in between the writing and blogging of course, which just seems to take over my entire mind and being like a drug. Seriously, who needs chemical substances, when they have the internet – which is like a curse or a cure, I’m not sure?

A little bit of this, a little bit of that

What then, have I gleaned? Well, quite a bit about SEO as it happens – I looked at HubSpot and went through purportedly the shortest tutorial ever on SEO (among other posts that diverted my attention like shining objects of treasure).

Then over at Twitter, or was it an email notification from Chris Garrett, who I met at the ProBlogger conference in Melbourne, I was alerted to something I just had to read. My ever ready radar was alerted to the fact that he’d written a must-read blog post about Attracting, Retaining and Converting Prospects With Blogs which just happened to fit in with a Blog presentation I currently facilitate.

Yay, lots of info from Blog Tyrant

Then there was the Simplified guide to social media by Blog Tyrant . I always like Blog Tyrant’s posts, but there is a drawback. They are very long, and stuffed full of information. Soo, many minutes later, I was ready for my next priceless bit of internet surfing that led me to ….

Loving Jeff Goins and Caz Makepeace

Jeff Goins, How to get Published without Trying . I nearly signed up to buy his books. Nearly, because at that very moment I found Caz Makepeace’s inspirational post A Writer’s biggest barrier to success on Twitter, and just had to write a thoughtful comment. This took a little while. As I said … thoughtful.

No stopping me now!

After that I decided I wasn’t going to get trapped by any barriers to writing success so I wrote a couple of emails and decided that next I’d do a proposal for a magazine article. But just then I found out that an old friend had put together a new website, so had to have a squizz at that, then I had a couple of queries from people for whom I’ve helped set up WordPress websites, and THEN I found two email invitations to write Guest Posts on other blogs. This took a little time to think about, and I wrote down a few ideas from a brainstorming session. Which stormed my brain, because I was by now very hungry and yet I didn’t know it.

Gems and Diamonds

I should have kept track of the other helpful links I found today, because now with sugar levels dangerously low I can’t remember what I’ve clicked on. Oh yes, I confess, there were many more. Perhaps tomorrow I’ll remember, as I scan my internet world for juicy links and little gems of fascination … my current best friends.

Gee, I’ve become a cheap date. Years ago it was only diamonds, you know the hard glittery sort, that rocked my boat!



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  1. I’m having exactly that kind of day today… I’ve got the day off work and thought I’d quickly finish and publish a blog post then clean the house a bit and start getting ready for a camping trip I’m going on tomorrow. But 7 hours later, here I am still sitting at the computer! There’s no hope now I’ve opened new tabs with all those links you mentioned! 😉

  2. Ha Ha, Bonny! It’s so easy to do isn’t it? And so much more fun than cleaning the house 😉 Hope you got your blog post written in the end!

  3. Well I finally finished it, and got 5 more through to various stages of completion 🙂 … also went out for dinner and shopping, but still haven’t cleaned the house! Oh well.

  4. Amazing Bonny – that sounds like a whole lot of blog posts ready to go. What do they say about housework in Yorkshire, England … I think it goes, “Where there’s muck, there’s brass” meaning a house that’s not cleaned equals money in the bank!

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