Blog tips by Darren Rowse
Darren Rowse and l’il ole me looking a little  bit shocked. It was only 9am in the morning so I can’t have been drunk. Jet-lagged maybe?

Hello ZigaZagers! It’s bloggie Friday, so if you’re not into blogging and blog tips then please look away. But just for you here’s a dreamy read today … how about popping over to Australia’s Golden Outback instead, and drooling over some gorgeous beaches like those below?

Esperance. Best beaches.

The rest of you. Hey, Hey, It’s Friday! Wanna listen up?

Today I’m posting some inside tricks of the trade from one of Australia’s master bloggers.

Blog tips from Darren Rowse

I love blogging events and conferences, especially those organised by Darren Rowse, and these blog tips come straight from the Trojan horse’s mouth – when he was speaking at one of the ProBlogger conferences held in Melbourne some time ago.  His session was called: Blog from the heart, but smart. (See, it helps to keep old notepads and label them!)

Don’t know about you, but I can wander around at a blogging event in a either a totally dazed state, not quite able to take everything in, or otherwise I’m yacking to someone nineteen to the dozen, and oblivious to everything else that’s going on around me. So when I’m in a session, I am very focused on taking notes on my iPad or in a notebook.

What amazed me was how much I’d forgotten since then, and these blog tips really jolted my memory, and made me conscious of how important it is to apply things that you learn at conferences, instead of allowing the information to remain dormant and gather dust in old notebooks.

Having said that, the information is as valid today as it was back then.

Blog tips by Darren Rowse from ProBlogger

So without further ado, here are 7 expert blog tips that I gleaned from Darren’s session that will hopefully get you thinking on this bloggie Friday.

Blog from the heart

  1. The more you think about your blog, the better it will be.
  2. A formula doesn’t always work. But a blogger who brings passion to their blog makes it that much more interesting to readers. When you are passionate about blogging, you attract passionate readers; when you are interesting, you attract interested readers; and when you are creative about blogging you attract creative readers.
  3. If there are no tears in the writer, then there are no tears in the reader.
  4. Telling stories is key to blogging from the heart. People remember stories.
  5. Inspire people – allow people to dream about what could be. Lives can be a little dull, even a little hard, so being allowed to dream gives people hope.
  6. Be yourself. Maybe show an old photo of yourself, write your blog as if you are writing an email to a friend. I  (Darren) write in conversational style.
  7. Blog with the intention of being useful and helping people. The more useful you are to people, the more you solve their big or small problems, the bigger your community will grow.

What do you think? Have these tips made you think a little bit more deeply about how you go about things on your blog?

I think if you mash all those tips together and commit them to memory, no commit them into the very fibre of your blogging self, then your blogs can’t help but shine.

I’m guilty of sometimes being  too ‘teachy’ and ‘markety’ at ZigaZag,  when really I should be watching myself bleed all over the keyboard.


I can feel a fainting attack coming on 🙂

Next week on Bloggie Friday, we’ll be looking at some more of Darren’s tips to “Blog Smart”.

In the meantime … how about you? Do you blog from the heart? Or do you have a different take on committing your heart and soul to the internet?

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  1. I think re-reading and coming back to these blogging tips are great reminders to all bloggers. I have a hard time deciding how many personal stories to share in my blog – but probably more is better especially if they make people laugh or cry.

  2. It’s a fine line to tread, isn’t it Leigh? Too many personal stories and I think people get fed up, and then too much helpful stuff can be information overload for lots of people.

  3. Excellent tops Jo – thank goodness for your notebook! I must say I am guilty of that too – going to workshops, writing copious notes, coming away full of enthusiasm, and then finding the notes laying in a dusty old box, getting slowly buried by other stuff. So thank you for dragging out your old notebook and bringing these fantastic tips to us.
    I guess in my blog I try for a variety of themes – travel, photography tips, food, and sometimes just something from the heart. I hope one day my family will treasure it!

  4. I think you have created a fabulous personal blog Jill with a whole host of interesting information backed up by great photos. I’m sure your family do, and will treasure it.

  5. I love these useful and great tips and one that I really need to keep in mind. I’ve always thought of my blog as more of a tips and informational site with some narrative. I know I need to start sharing more personal stories. Thanks for these reminders.

  6. Hi Mary. I know, we can sort of trundle off in the direction we think is right offering tips and information, and then forget that the heart of the matter is sometimes what counts.

  7. Brigid @ The Inspired Notebook

    Hi Jo. These are all great tips that you shared.
    I love #5 especially, “Inspire people – allow people to dream about what could be”. It’s through reading others’ blogs that I first started dreaming myself, and I hope that through my blog I also can help to inspire others.
    I think I’ve always blogged from the heart, but maybe even more so recently. Now I just have to work on my posting frequency!! Hopefully I’ll come back from PBEvent 2014 with some great tips and inspiration for doing that!

  8. Thanks Brigid! Will be looking out for your posts, and hope to catch up with you in person ?)

  9. Hi Jo,
    This article was really good for me to read. I’m right now in the process of completely redesigning my blog, moving it onto WordPress instead of plain old HTML, and changing the focus to be a lot more personal. I’ve done OK so far focusing on practical, useful information paired with interesting photos, but I think it’s missing is the personal connection and community aspect. But I find it so hard to put my personal stories and photos of me in because I’m a bit shy and would rather stay anonymous online! I’m really glad I found zigazag by the way, it combines 2 of my favourite hobbies – blogging and travelling in WA. 🙂

  10. Hi Bonny, it’s lovely to have found you too, and I’m glad you like ZigaZag. Seems as if we enjoy two of the same things in life as well – blogging and WA. Two fine hobbies! I hope you enjoy redesigning your blog, it’s always such an exciting phase. Good luck! I’ll pop over to yours later today 🙂

  11. Jennifer

    The one about blogging intentionally to be useful is so important. You’ve got to know your audience and write something that will be interesting and helpful to them. Sometimes it might just be for entertainment purposes, depending on your blog, but again you have to remember the audience.

  12. Thanks Jennifer, you are so spot on, and it is all too easy to write and write, when really it is the process before the actual writing that is important. “Will this be helpful and entertaining?”

  13. Miranda Farley

    I love the tips and all the reminders. This is really helpful especially for those who are just starting their blog. A travel blog is really suited for those who loves to travel. It’s time to tell the world where and what place you’ve been to.

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