Elephant, Africa by Jo Castro

I love photographing wildlife.

Especially in Africa.

I have to admit I’m more of a point and click snapper, than a change-the-lens and carry heavy equipment type of potographer, but I love being out in the bush and waiting for that elusive moment when the subject matter is right and the lighting complies nicely as well.

However, two of the following pictures though were taken in a zoo – I wonder if you can pick out which ones?

Anyway, here’s my current favourite medley of my best wildlife photos from Madikwe Game Reserve in South Africa, Addo Elephant Park, and Taronga Zoo in Sydney Australia.

Enjoy and why not comment in the reply box below and link to a post in which you feature wildlife?

African Lion

Tiger, Taronga Zoo

Meerkat, Madikwe Game Reserve

Springbok, Madikwe Game Reserve, Africa

Giraffes, African wildlife

Koala Bear, Australia by Jo Castro

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  1. Thanks, Annabel! I thought it was just me being a bit ‘duh’ as I have an inkling that I’m not always very good at following instructions! Looking forward to seeing some pics of your for #travelpinspiration too 🙂

  2. Hi Jo – I am hoping the first 2 pics were taken in a zoo! A bit too up close – especially the teeth! I loved Africa when we visited. We had an amazing experience and I would love to go back again now I have a digital camera! Unfortunately though wild animals don’t know about “the right light” and don’t want to always want to face the camera! Here is the link to my Africa post – http://lifeimagesbyjill.blogspot.com.au/2009/01/african-experience-soft-option.html

  3. The first two were ‘in the wild’ photos, and yes, I was very close up 🙂 The zoo photos are later in the sequence. Yip, Africa is amazing for photography and as you say, so much better now we can snap away with digital cameras because lighting and animals and outdoors don’t always go together easily. Thanks for the link to your Africa post 🙂

  4. Janet Scott

    Surely the tiger and koala pictures are from the zoo? I love the lion pic – amazing!
    Keep up the good work Jo.

  5. Hurrah! Yes, you Picked right Janet! Thanks for popping by and having a squizz:)

  6. Yip right! No I didn’t but have heard about it and would like to watch. Popping over to your blog just now x

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