Where's the best place in the world to live pic by Dave Castro

Best Place in the World?

I live in South Western Australia, and guess what?

I think it’s the best place in the world to live.

“Why’s that?” I hear you ask as you think to yourself. “Actually, I live in the best place in the world.”

Well, here’s my take on WA. The population is small (only about 2.3 million live in the whole of Western Australia which geographically is about the same size of India) and people are really friendly

Where's the best place in the world to live?
Western Australian beaches are awesome

We have the most awesome beaches. Surf beaches, lappy wave beaches, rocky beaches, remote beaches.

Then there’s the colourful birdlife.

Where's the best place in the world to live? by Jo Castro
Gallahs, Parrots and Kookaburras are just some of the birds found in WA

Fabulous forests.

Cute country towns with great things to do, offering both budget holiday accommodation and luxury lodges.

Amazing wineries and cellar doors offering free wine tastings, oh and some great restaurants too.

Where's the best place in the world to live by Jo Castro
Wine estates, fresh produce and great wine.

Rivers to kayak. Bright orange sunsets.  Inlets to explore. Space and freedom and stability.

Where's the best place in the world to live? by Jo Castro
Kari, Mari, Tuart and Red Tingle trees soar into the skies in the South West

I bet you have our own opinion, and I’m really keen to hear about other places … so over to you ZigaZagers…  where’s the best place in the world to live? Why not tell us in the Comments section which awesome place in the world you have chosen, or would choose, and why.

Today I’m linking this post to ProBlogger’s Group Challenge where you’ll find some other interesting discussion posts, and to Travel Photo Thursday where you’ll find some fabulous travel blogging.  Looking for more information on Margaret River in particular –  here’s a great post by YTravelBlog.

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  1. I believe you. We lived in Perth for two years and travelled the S.W. corner extensively. The only reason we left was because we spent all of our money visiting family in Townsville, so we figured we might as well live there and spend our time visiting the rest of the world. We do talk about moving back there for a while when my husband retires next year. There’s no other place like the west coast of Australia.

  2. Oh that’s interesting Jan! I hope you do move back for a while – I wonder how much you’ll feel it’s changed if you do?

  3. I agree Jo – the south west of Western Australia has to be the most beautiful place in the world to live. Aren’t we so lucky! Actually the whole of WA is stunning – from oceans, to forests, to mountains, to gorges, to deserts. All beautiful in their own way.

  4. Yes, it’s the diversity Jill, so agree. Have so much to explore and keep on discovering.

  5. menaka bharathi

    Hi Johanna,
    You make travelling seem so enjoyable, I really would add Western Australia in my to visit places, and would surely let you know when I go there

  6. Thanks Menaka. Glad you’ve added WA onto your list of places to visit 🙂

  7. I come from Northern India, my small town ‘Shimla” is surrounded by scenic mountains and once was summer capital of British India.

    I loved your wonderful landscapes and beautiful birds! Nature is kind enough to make this world so beautiful!

    May be some day I’ll make it to visit your part of land 🙂

    Thanks for sharing

  8. Shimla sounds as if it’s in a beautiful setting. I haven’t visited Northern India, but I have heard snippets of stories about Shimla being the old summer capital of British India. Thanks for visiting ZigaZag Rohit 🙂

  9. Kathleen Caron

    I think you’re right, it is the best place to live in the whole world. And I’ve never even been there, but your photos and description make it look like paradise! Especially those beaches…

  10. Thanks for your reply Kathleen! So glad you liked the pictures and description 🙂 and yes, I reckon you would love the beaches in real life too 🙂

  11. Wow, based on the pics in your post I can understand why you feel that WA is the best place in the world to live. Beautiful!
    I live on the MS Gulf Coast – on the back bay of Biloxi. I feel this is the most wonderful place to live because as my husband puts it “It’s the only place in MS that you can live….and not live in MS”. What that means is that MS can at times be a very difficult place to live if you are open minded and open to diversity. In our humble opinion many Mississippians still have their priorities in the wrong place. However, we wanted to live in MS for various reasons (job, family, so on) so we chose to live in what we consider the only place in MS that is not like living in MS. LOL We do live on the water of the back bay in Biloxi so that in itself is amazing. We often see dolphins swimming in the waters behind our house. If we suddenly get a whim to go for a boat ride we can just hop on the one hanging in our boat house. We spend the summers pulling our children on tubes behind the boat, kayaking, and yolo boarding. Our children are two very prissy girls. It’s the most amazing thing in the world to see our little princesses in their smocked dresses walk barefoot to the end of the dock and pull crab traps. It seems simple here. No one is in too big of a hurry. No one looks at you crazy if you are out on a fishing boat with a beer in hand at 2:00 in the afternoon on Tuesday. From our experience the culture here is very rich – if you are interested in partaking. We absolutely love Mardi Gras here. It is a family friendly Mardi Gras as opposed to what goes on over in New Orleans. LOL. We have decided to make this our home and we are very happy with that decision.
    I found you through the problogger Discussion Post contest. I am participating too.

  12. Thanks for giving us an insight into your life in MS, Tammy. What a wonderful picture you paint and you’ve made me want to get on a plane and visit. I love the idea of being on a fishing boat with a beer in hand at 2.00 on a Tuesday afternoon – it sounds so laid back! And your idyllic family summers are the stuff that films are made of 🙂 Love it. Thank you again for such a beautiful reply.

  13. Ssshh…We should be keeping this fabulous little corner of WA a secret otherwise everyone will want to come! It really is a stunning part of Western Australia and along with the Kimberleys a favourite area of ours to visit!

  14. Ha Ha, yes I know. I think it’s time to start a different blog and keep SWA and the Kimberley all to ourselves.

  15. It’s definitely a beautiful part of the world. It doesn’t matter where I live, my heart will always be in Nova Scotia 🙂

  16. And you’ve seen a great deal of the world, Nancie 🙂 I’ve yet to visit Nova Scotia, but definitely somewhere I’d like to experience.

  17. Hi Joanna,
    SW looks like a beautiful place to live indeed. The photos of the beaches and the colorful birds are just heavenly. You’re lucky to be living in such place. I’ll keep your paradise in mind when my husband and I are ready to make the change. For now, New York City is still perfect for our needs, interests and temperament.

  18. My little corner of Jamaica is heaven on earth to me, and based on your photos, I can see why SW Australia is your slice of paradise. It is indeed beautiful!

  19. Ha Debbie – as travel bloggers, there’s always a move in us somewhere! Thanks for commenting.

  20. Jamaica is, I’m quite sure, another slice of paradise, and I would love to get there one day too 🙂

  21. Thanks, Marisol – yes, keep SWA on back burner for one day in the future … you never know 😉

  22. Hi, found you on ProBlogger.

    It’s funny, the discussion question I just posted was about places people want to visit, and Australia is the top of my list. The scenery you share here is just one of the reasons I’d like to make it over to your corner of the world.

    But, as for the best place to actually live, I think we’d all be lucky to feel as you do, that we’re already living there. I live in the US, in Oklahoma, and I was just saying to someone last week that there are things about it that I don’t like. But, I’ve never been anywhere else that I’ve felt I would want to live, and I’m always happy to get home. Not saying there’s no place better out there, but for me, I haven’t found one yet.

  23. Hello there, hey what a good idea for a post. Dare I steal it one day but for Sydney?? By one day I mean one day far away… I have a post called 25 things I love about Sydney that I don’t seem to have got a grip and finished over the past 6 months!!

    Having said that… those beach photos and the fact that city life ain’t really me means that I might just have to agree with you about WA. Hope to be over for a farming friend’s 50th in Oct in Esperance – fingers crossed.

  24. Hi Cheri, I’d like to visit Oklahoma one day … I know what you mean though, and perhaps we all feel various amounts of that kind of emotion in the end.

  25. Thanks for asking Seanna, and no of course I don’t mind! In fact i’m flattered that you like it enough to want to use it and look forward on your take from Sydney. Enjoy Esperance. If it’s your first visit, you will be well and truly gobsmacked by the beaches I think!

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