Broome Beach, Western Australia by Jo Castro
Broome was in the top 10 places mentioned as best family holiday destinations in Australia. But wait, I say … there are more in Western Australia!

Today, I’m posting a fun infographic about family holiday destinations in Australia, some of which I agree with, others of which I don’t.

What is sad is that Western Australia is mentioned so little. Sometimes, despite the fact that the state covers about one third of Australia, we are still the forgotten relation in many respects.

This morning I was watching the news headlines, and nearly every other newspaper was mentioned in the Headline round-up but The West Australian was not.

In one respect being overlooked is good, because for those of us who have discovered WA, we have it mostly to ourselves 🙂 Don’t you just love the long, empty beaches, the uncrowded roads (excepting Perth around rush hour), the fact that if you want to dine at a restaurant or attend an event then you can generally park close-by? There are so many plusses to keeping things secret from the world at large.

So here it is. A Fun infographic that I was invited to share. But what do you think? What have the creators got right and wrong, and what great things should have been mentioned about Western Australia to balance things up a bit more? Where do you think are the best family holiday destinations in WA – please join the conversation in the “Speak Your Mind” Reply box right down at the bottom of this post.

So come on, have your say. What do you think?

Which Western Australian destinations would you have had on here?

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  1. Oh my goodness – Western Australia! – I wouldn’t know where to start! As you say we cover near half the country. I have too many favourites to list! But on the south coast I love Denmark (though it is getting more crowded as the years pass). You can’t beat Coral Bay for safe fabulous snorkeling, the mid west for amazing wildflowers, and for pure natural magnificence you must visit Karajini or Purnululu.

  2. Thanks for these suggestions, Jill. Definitely should be on the list of family holiday destinations in Australia.

  3. Justin | Hari ng Lakbay

    Overlooked is better than overrated. I can see your point, sometimes it best to keep our favorite as a secret. Well, now you made me dreaming of travel to Western Australia. I really wish to be visit place someday.

  4. I have an inkling that you’re right, Justin 🙂 When you visit one day, I’m sure you’ll also love this little part of paradise.

  5. Another place I would add (not in WA sorry :() is Bright Victoria. Gorgeous town year round, and affordable for ALL types of family getaways

  6. Hi Kim! Thanks for mentioning Bright! I’d love to come visit one day, and look forward to hearing and seeing more about the town 🙂

  7. I think I’d rate Rottnest or Coral Bay/Cape Range NP above Broome as far as family holidays in WA go… I love Broome but I appreciate what it has to offer far more as an adult than I ever did when I was a kid on our family holidays there, and would say Broome is perhaps more of a parents getaway destination to escape the kids!!

  8. That’s an interesting perspective, Bonny, and so relevant for ZZ readers with children

  9. Just recently went to Broome with the Family over Christmas. Great once you are there but such a long drive. We stayed at the Karratha Motel the night before making the final push to Broome. Was perfect for us and the kids. Affordable and great outdoor areas! recommend to anyone looking to make the trek and want some of the guess work taken out of accommodation planning

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