It was a perfect sunny day for Australia Day in Bunbury; not too hot, not too windy, powder blue skies and gorgeous summer sun. We jumped on our bikes at 8am and rode into town watching people making their way early  to the beach, setting up beach brolleys and starting up breakfast barbies. The smells of sizzling bacon drove us half crazy as we passed Back Beach and Jetty Baths on our way to Dome at the Waterfront for a cafe latte.

The Sailing Club had a yachting regatta, there was a visiting  cruise ship in the harbour, and Bunbury’s three waterways were also filled with speed boats, tinnies, and pleasure crafts decked with Aussie flags and people just having a good time.

Later on, it felt as if the whole of the south west had converged upon Bunbury for the fireworks and festivities. There were food stalls and entertainment, there was music and merriment and then there was the magnificent firework display at 8.30pm.

It was just one of those days when Australia really rocks.

What did you do?

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