What to do in Margaret River
We stayed at the lovely Riverglen Chalets

It’s late afternoon and a cooling breeze is rustling through the tall peppy and gum trees around Riverglen. A kookaburra is cackling and two green parrots are peeping at me from a branch as they inch along it, getting ever closer to the bird seed I’ve thrown on the ground below.

Everyone else is snoozing after a wonderful lunch at Watershed Winery, and I’m nursing a hot cup of Earl Grey tree. Inside our little wooden cabin, on TV, Andy Murray and Novak Djokovic are battling it out in the men’s tennis final in Melbourne.

Australia Day in Margaret River and surrounds

It’s all very restful, and I think back to Australia Day, yesterday, 26th January and wonder what the rest of Australia got up to. There would have been family get togethers, barbies, fireworks and celebrations all over the country.

Australia Day by Jo Castro

This year we chose to forgo the city fireworks and traveled south to the Margaret River region for some peaceful R and R.

It’s been a magical mystery tour with our friends who are visiting from Malaysia. Yesterday we visited Mad Fish winery, Vasse Felix for some lovely natural olive oil products and tasty delights, and on to Aravina Wine Estate, one of my favourite wineries in the region. In the gift shop I spotted these gorgeous cushions. Aren’t they adorable?


Other lifestyle finds included these funky bowls which I can see filled with a fresh green salad or chunks of watermelon.

Australia Day We stopped in at Laurance Winery for a wander around the rose clad grounds, a sip of their wines, and a visit to their loos (very salubrious, the best in the south west!) the pic below is of the cellar door, not the loos!

What to do in Margaret River

Gotta love these imposing doors, you could almost be in Spain.

what to do in margaret river

Love these cute wine bags which they’ve just brought out – not that the pretty bottles are in need of much covering.

what to do in margaret river

Then it was time for a spot of lunch at Bootleg Brewery and some Gummy and chips just fitted the bill for He Himself, while I had a prawn, mango and pineapple salad, but I’m saving a photo of that lovely healthy dish for next Tuesday’s “Do It Lose 5” post, so don’t forget to pop back then.

what to do in Margaret River

We walked around Margaret River town and enjoyed the quirky shops and markets, and went on a walk and a bike ride in the forest. I don’t know how we managed it but we also fitted in dinner at Must in the town centre, which turned out to be a delightful cordon bleu affair.

Australia Day by Jo Castro
Gotta love the “Chick on a Stick” at Laurance Winery. The real name is ‘Free as a Bird’.

It’s been a wonderful Australia Day holiday weekend, but let’s not forget what it’s all about. Imagine … It’s 26th January 1788 and Captain Arthur Phillip, commander of the First Fleet of 11 convict ships from Britain, sails into Sydney Cove and European history in Australia begins. His arrival was a day that was celebrated from the 19th century but it wasn’t celebrated as Australia day until 1935, and in 1994 it was declared a public holiday.

So What is Australia Day all about?

My friend Jill, explains the meaning of Australia Day and what we get up to so well here, in the quotes below. You can read more on her lovely blog Life Images by Jill

“26 January is Australia Day – the day we Aussies celebrate what makes us Australian and the things we value about living in Australia – freedom, opportunity, diversity, innovation, education, jobs, good food, healthy lifestyle, the ability to buy your own house, our beautiful country, wide open spaces, clean air – just to name a few – and also the people that give of themselves in all sorts of way and deserve to be honoured in the Australia Day Honours list. Many immigrants also take the opportunity today to become Australians in ceremonies throughout Australia.”

Australia Day by Jo Castro
Australia Day is a time for Aussie flags and dress-up patriotism
“On Australia Day you will see Aussies getting together in all sorts of ways – the “big” Aussie BBQ breakfast, enjoying community entertainment, going to the beach, playing sport, going camping, families and friends getting together. And in major centres there are often fireworks.”

What did you get up to over the Australia Day holiday weekend?

I’m linking to Travel Photo Thursday today, so do pop over for some awesome travel pics and stories at Budget Travellers Sandbox.

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  1. Sounds like you had a wonderful Australia Day Jo. There are so many ways to celebrate. But most of all I think it is about family and community and getting together and being thankful.

  2. Yes, Jill, so agree … gratitude and thanks to be living in such a beautiful (and stable) part of the world.

  3. Chick on a stick is wonderful, as are the chunky bowls, and the gummy and chips – yummo – how lucky you are to live in such a lovely part of Australia – and you know how to enjoy it.

  4. Thanks, Jan! Yes, Chick on a Stick is something we oggle every time we go down south!

  5. Thank you for the interesting article, Jo! As always, I enjoyed viewing the pictures…

  6. Thanks for popping by Debbie 🙂 Yes, good wine and a scrummy lunch are a good way to celebrate just being alive and well 🙂

  7. What a great day! Those funky bowls are just my style. I laughed at “chick on a stick” 🙂

  8. Cathy Sweeney

    Happy (belated) Australia Day. Looks like you decided on some great ways to spend the day. Food, wine, a lovely chalet — nice!

  9. Glad! One day I’m going to show you an even funnier … ‘rump on a stump’ !

  10. What a lovely Australia Day you had! It’s hard to choose where to take visitors with so much to see but you obviously had a great time and they saw many fabulous places. The ‘chick on a stick’ always breaks me up!!

  11. We did, and yes we did count our blessings to have such an awesome day. I know, Chick on a stick is just wonderful, hey! Thanks for popping by Jenny 🙂

  12. I had never heard of the Margaret River region. Based on the first photo, it almost looked tropical so I thought it might be in the far North! If I am lucky enough to get to return to Australia, it looks worth checking out.

  13. It is a wonderful and very diverse region, and in Lonely Planet’s list of top 10 places to visit, so yes , come visit soon!

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