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Hands up. Who’s ever booked an Airbnb room or apartment?

I haven’t yet, but the more I hear about Airbnb, the more inclined I am to give it a go.

A few years ago accommodation on a micro scale would have been unheard of. It was always about the big hotel chains, package deals and a few exclusive boutique hotels or B and B’s – well, mostly anyway, wasn’t it?

Now we have so much choice, as individual operators open up their homes, their granny flats and their exclusive little bijous to the world.

I’m sitting here in the city, in Perth on a hot summer’s night, longing for a travel escape.Everything in the city seems so bloated and difficult and cumbersome. When we travel, the world around us gets smaller. Friendships are made on the fly, landscapes are explored, and new experiences are found around every corner.

Perhaps if I was staying in an Airbnb in Perth I would feel differently 😉

Staying in an Airbnb listing gives  you the chance to stay with local people and see the world from their point of view. It gives the feeling of ‘Small World.’

You’re closer to the coal face so to speak, but without forgoing life’s little luxuries, you connect to places and people in a different way than if you were staying at a big hotel chain.

Airbnb, is probably the world’s leading community driven hospitality company, and it’s recreated this feeling by taking the viewer on a train ride full of surprises in its newest film that’s just been launched.


They’ve created a little bit of fantasy. A  handmade world that dramatizes the feeling of the ‘small world’ feeling you get while traveling with Airbnb.

Airbnb is all about  enabling you to Belong Anywhere – in an expansive world that’s still personal.

“As you board the train in this film, you’re transported into a magical world that represents the very heart of Airbnb,” said Jonathan Mildenhall, Airbnb’s CMO. “As you wind your way through some of the amazing listings Airbnb has to offer, you get a different perspective on the world. With each viewing, you see something unique and interesting that you didn’t notice before, mirroring the experience that many people have when they travel with Airbnb.”

Take a look at the cute and idiosyncratic Airbnb Video and watch as the world around you get magically smaller …

Airbnb Film: Fast Facts

  • The film was shot in one take, without any computer generated imagery.
  • 30 people spent five weeks building the 85 square meter train set.
  • More than 2400 craftsmen hours were spent creating a landscape out of 20 square metres of plywood, 12 litres of glue and more than 160 sheets of poly board.
  • The goal: to help a wider audience understand Airbnb.”


  • “Welcome to Airbnb” was shot in a 40 x 40 metre warehouse in Auckland, New Zealand
  • 9 “Cirkus artists” mechanically moved all the transitions, by hand, as the train moved along the full length of the track
  • The castle was 3D printed and then hand painted brick by brick
  • Miniature modellers and model painters created more than 100 unique trees, more than 60 hand-cut houses and 240 tailor-made miniature flowers, grasses and shrubs
  • 96 figurines were made – including 6 miniatures of real Airbnb guests and 2 dogs
  • The film features seven different lighting environments, all happening ‘live’ at the same time
  • On the day of the shoot, 85 attempts were made to shoot the whole film, which is just one take – there were plenty more rehearsals
  • 18 tables were used to raise the full length train track


So will you stay in an Airbnb on your next trip overseas or locally? Any ideas? Let us know of any brilliant places you’ve already found, won’t you?

Over to you ZigaZagers …

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  1. I absolutely LOVED that train video knowing the work that went into it! I still to this regret giving away my collector Lionel train set from the 1960’s. Argh the not-thought-out mistakes we make in life sometimes, eh? I’ve never used Airbnb…I’ve heard a couple negative remarks but a TON of great remarks about them. My close buddy at work (with wife and son) just wen the Airbnb route in Bali and Singapore. Thank you again for sharing that video, Johanna! Going to go watch it a couple more times :)!

  2. So glad you enjoyed it Mike. Ahh, I know we always regret giving away stuff – but at the time it’s necessary. How about old vinyls? Now they’re coming back into fashion I wish we’d kept all of ours. Yep, Airbnb is definitely the new way to go for travellers.

  3. That is one awesome train set!

    We used Airbnb earlier this year when we were travelling in Europe and wanted a few slow restful days in the middle of our trip where we had our own kitchen and things. We found an apartment in the centre of Delft that suited us perfectly and booked it for 2 nights, but we ended up walking around all day and going out for lunch and dinner anyway.

  4. As an Airbnb host I am all for this new worldwide phenomenon. What I like about it is that it is all based on reciprocation. As a host or a guest you are screened and reviewed which makes you feel secure and comfortable with your choice of accommodation. All of the Airbnb guests that I have had stay at my place have been fantastic. There also appears to be a very high standard of accommodation which will come in handy when I travel abroad.

  5. Great points Kathy 🙂 Can’t wait to visit your Airbnb one day 🙂

  6. I must say that I have never heard of Airbnb so thankyou for introducing the concept. It sounds like a great way to find accommodation when you travel. And a great way to connect with local people and have real experiences. Thanks Jo.

  7. Wow, sounds an amazing property Betsy. Thanks for the heads-up 🙂

  8. My wife and I have used airbnb a few times, and on many other occasions have decided against using them! Compared with hotels airbnb is most likely cheaper, compared with other local holiday lettings they are most likely more expensive. Plus one thing I know from our home town, Byron Bay in Australia: holiday lettings have a devastating impact on the local rental market, in more ways than imaginable. We wrote a post about the pros and cons of airbnb a few months ago:

  9. We LOVE Airbnb!!!! So far this year we have used it in Waikiki, Maui, Seattle, Oakland and Las Vegas. We’re in an Airbnb right now in Playa del Carmen, Mexico and I just booked one for a ski trip in Park City, Utah for next month. Phew!!! They must love us!!!!

    When you’ve got little kids apartments our condos are a much better place to stay thank hotels for space!

  10. Great post! We have our beach home in Puerto Escondido Mexico listed on Airbnb and it offers a unique opportunity to live like a local ( and enjoy experiences such as shopping in the market) as opposed to staying in a hotel. I haven’t yet stayed in an Airbnb place but do plan to give it a try.

  11. I’d never heard of it before – but was interested to see that Kathy (above) is a host. Even though I’ve never ‘met’ her, I’d feel a whole lot more comfortable knowing the host was someone like Kathy. Certainly worth looking into!

  12. I know what you mean Red! And I’m going to try to get to Kathy’s Airbnb next year – maybe we should rendezvous?!

  13. Great video, we’ve never booked a place through Air B&B but we did house sit a place that rented out their second home on Air B&B and we managed it while they were away. It was a lot of fun greeting guests and making flower arrangements and baked good for them.

  14. I haven’t used Airbnb but must have a look next time I am searching for accom. I do like the idea of talking to the owners, and of a room in a shared house in some places… not with the family though!

  15. We’ve used AirBnB about twenty times so far in our travels through Mexico, Central and South America and will continue to use them in the future as the value and quality of their properties are usually great. We had a recent experience with a rental apartment in Colombia that was way below what was advertised and resulted in us moving to a hotel. We contacted AirBnB immediately, submitted photos and the company backed us with a full refund in three days.

  16. We have used Airbnb many times. Sometimes we get a whole apartment and sometimes a room in the hosts home. We have never had a negative experience. Having a room in someones home is a good way to get local information and the host is happy to help with any problems that may arise. I find the most important thing is to read the reviews well as they usually talk about the area the home is in as well as the home itself.

  17. I haven’t used Airbnb yet, but have wondered about them. After reading your post and the comments, I certainly will look into Airbnb for some of the travels I’m hoping to make happen in 2015.

  18. Absolutely – Airbnb is the first place where I go looking when I search for accomodation options. We booked a room in Bali during high season when everything else was almost booked out and had a very positive experience. Endless options available for almost any budget.

  19. Glad you had a positive experience, Nina. And thanks for commenting today too 🙂

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