balinese garden

Welcome to my Balinese garden which is looking a little wet this morning.

As soon as I heard the rain I knew I just had to get out as soon as I woke up and take some photos.

balinese garden

The garden was looking gorgeous, and fresh, as if relieved of summer sun, and I must say that I too had a bounce to my step. I skipped and danced like nobody was watching! (I hope they weren’t!)

I snapped pictures of the last of the flowers; frangipanis, magnolias, hibiscus and a trumpet vine.

It’s been such fun creating a Balinese garden over the last five years, adding bits and bobs to it, and watching it grow during the various seasons. Autumn is no exception.

balinese garden

5 Tips for a Balinese Garden

1. Choose plants like palms, which for small backyards grow well in large pots.

balinese garden

balinese garden

2. Choose trees and shrubs that give off an exotic fragrance like magnolia and frangipani.

balinese garden

3. Scour garage sales, garden centres and curiosity stores (such as Thingz) for Balinese inspired statues, artefacts and hangings.

balinese garden

4. Install some kind of water fountain.

balinese garden

5.  Little candle holders add a tropical touch and they are suitable for battery run imitation candles.

Arrange four or five as focus points along a pool or garden edge.

balinese garden

Balinese Gardens love the rain

It’s been a long hot summer in Western Australia with the mercury tipping almost 40 on the hottest days, so this rain was not unwelcome.

Not at all, not one bit.

I remember back to the weekend in January when we were at the ‘fringe’ circus event further south in Karridale. It was so sweltering hot that we sat (sweating conkers) and misting our faces with a garden spray tool to keep a little bit cool while munching on a picnic lunch in the awning of a friend’s tent. It was even too hot to consider a drop or two of Margaret River’s finest Sauvignon Blanc … Sacrilege!

So photographing droplets of rain this morning on the delicious monster leaves below, felt sweet and cool, and the drops of rain were as welcome as any glass of wine!

balinese garden

Now the heat of summer has passed, and in South West Australia the turquoise blue seas will change to grey as the cold fronts press in.

balinese garden

My frangipanis will blow down, and the big fat green leaves will shrivel and die leaving architectural spiky brown stems making shapely silhouettes against the fence.

Until then I salute the frangipanis, which are so much an integral part of a Balinese garden and the garish red geraniums below that give the garden an exotic appeal.

Garden Gifts

If you love gardening you might find Mel’s Guide to the Best  Gifts for gardeners  helpful.

balinese garden

More Bali Garden Photos and Information

Because Bali is such a popular tourist destination and so close to Western Australia, many of us sandgropers are intrigued by the tropical isle. I’ve written more about “Things to do in Bali”, “What to do in Bali” and “Bali style backyards” in posts where you’ll find tons of Bali holiday photos  and Bali garden photos to share on Pinterest or Facebook too.

Pop on down to the links at the bottom of this post if you’d like to find out more.

balinese garden

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balinese garden

I’m linking to Travel Photo Thursday today where you’re sure to find some great travel stories.

I’m interested to know – if you had to pick a favourite garden style … or a favourite flower, what would it be?

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  1. Natalie Scott

    I love your Bali-inspired garden Jo! Who needs a holiday when you have such a peaceful, relaxing backyard 😉 xx

  2. Ha, thanks Nat! It’s been a while in the making and I’m always adding bits! Yes, sometimes we do sit there like Darby and Joan and wonder if we ever need to go away again. I do love it. Thanks for your kind words and for popping by 🙂

  3. the rain was certainly welcome Jo. I love your quote “the rain fell like soft icy jellybeans…”
    Your garden looks like a beautiful quiet haven away from the rush of daily life.

  4. Thanks Jill … I don’t know where in my head that came from! Yes, the garden is a tranquil and pretty place, still a work in progress.

  5. Your garden is stunning. There is no question that you have much more of a green thumb than I ever will. Gorgeous!

  6. Thank you Corinne! I haven’t always had green thumbs, I think they’ve become greener with age 😉

  7. Hi Jo, I love your Balinese garden. Your flowers are all so lovely. Thanks for the inspiration. I have little space in the back yard that I plan to convert into an urban oasis. I like the zen-like look and feel of Balinese garden. It will be a good spring project.

  8. I love Bali and Balinese Gardens. Tropical plants grow well in our garden (because we live in the tropics!). However Townsville is not in the wet tropics. It has it’s own dry microclimate so we do have to make sure we use water loving plants in a shaded or at least semi shaded position and keep the water up to them. We water by automatic sprinkler and drip system which comes on in the early hours of the morning to avoid evaporation. Our water feature is an old bath tub which looks surprisingly OK with rocks, fish and water plants in it and ferns and bromeliads surrounding it. The fish eat the mosquito larvae. Apart it we have an aqua blue buddha head which sits in a raised garden with sun hardened plants up against a masonry block wall painted with aqua blue textured paint. The wall is on our neighbours property and luckily we caught them just as they were going to knock it down as part of a bigger project. It looks fantastic with the textured outdoor paint – I really recommend it. Even though the plants are sun hardened we have a custom shadecloth cover (handy hubby) that stretches from the entertainment area roof across to the wall in summer to shade the garden. I love your garden shots. I think that water droplets on flowers look so romantic. I love your shell mobile. We did have one but eventually the sun and weather destroyed it. I agree that the smell of frangipani screams Bali and your photo of the flower is beautiful.

  9. You don’t need to go Bali Jo.Cook a few satays and sit amongst the flowers and you could easily be there! You’ve obviously worked very hard to create such a beautiful area.

  10. Hi Keryn, yes we are lucky with the heat – although summer can be intense at times. I bet you have other wonderful plants in Seattle though 🙂

  11. Ha Ha, Jenny! Yes, now that’s a good idea! It’s a work in progress, more luck than design!

  12. I love the idea of your water feature, Jan! Thanks for your kind compliments too 🙂 I think your garden sounds idyllic and thank you for describing it – I can see it in my minds eye, but would love to see pics of it one day too.

  13. Hope your Spring garden project goes well Marisol, and I’m glad to have inspired you 🙂

  14. Kathy Narris

    Some very good tips here. I love Bali gardens. They always make me feel relaxed and serene.

  15. Neva @ Retire for the Fun of it

    I wish I could have a garden like yours, but since the flowers that are exotic must be kept indoors – I guess I’ll just enjoy your pictures and dream. My daughter asked me to take care of her baby basil plants while she and the family went off to Hawaii. Well, the plants are all dead and I went to a garden center for replacements. I’m sure she’ll figure it out that these aren’t her plants. Sigh!

  16. This looks stunning. How does the garden manage the winter? Do you get mild temperatures in winter as well?

  17. Thanks Denise, yes we get chilly damp wet winters but we don’t get frosts, so it all survives 🙂

  18. Oh Neva, that’s too bad about your daughters baby basil plants 🙁 At least you’re doing the honorable thing by replacing them – perhaps yours will be a stronger varietal, who knows?

  19. Thanks Kathy, yes I agree they are very calming to look at and relax in.

  20. Hello there, what lovely shots. My fave flower is the frangipani, for nostalgic reasons. I first smelled them on my first trip out of Europe to Sabah in 1987 and couldn’t quite believe the scent… SO exotic, just like your garden in fact! Gorgeous.

  21. Hi Jo! Your Balinese garden is gorgeous. I’ve been to Bali a few times, and I can never get enough of the beautiful flowers.

  22. Thanks Nancie! Having a Balinese style garden in our backyard has been my dream for a while – it’s a work in progress.

  23. Ah it’s wonderful when flower scents have special memories Seana! Thanks for your kind words too 🙂

  24. Carolyn @ Holidays to Europe

    I love the smell of frangipanis – you are so lucky to be able to grow them in your garden. They always remind me of lazy days by a tropical beach! What a lovely garden you have, Jo.

  25. Thanks Carolyn! Yes they are such ‘holiday’ flowers for me too 🙂

  26. Jim Hayward

    Hi Jo
    Love your photos. Looks like you are actually in Bali 🙂
    Great tips. Thanks

  27. Beautiful Bali-Garden Johanna and it’s so inviting 🙂

  28. I went to Bali just over 10 years ago and it’s stayed with me ever since. I love your garden and these are great tips! We’re renting at the moment without much of a backyard so I’m bookkeeping this for when we get our own house! Thanks 🙂

  29. John Burch

    I love your photos! My wife loves gardening. She always say that it is very relaxing for her to see her garden here in our home. I’ll let her read this. Thanks for sharing!

  30. Hello Flying Drunken Monkey! Thanks for your comments. I hope you have a lovely home of your own soon, and can get cracking on a garden 🙂

  31. Thanks Jo for this image-inspired peak at your beautiful garden. I love the top five tips, and makes one realise that following even a few of them could make for a grand improvement in our relatively uninspired spot at the back of our house.

  32. Your garden is gorgeous!! I would love to recreate all the beautiful garden we saw in Bali in my backyard. The frangipani is such a beautiful flower!

  33. Thanks Katie. Yes, franipanis are gorgeous aren’t they. I am so enthralled by them that I think they have become my hallmark 😉

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