I love Margaret River in wintertime, when you can park anywhere in the main street and not have to jostle and push through lots of surfie types in thongs and dreadlocks. Not that I mind surfie types in thongs and dreadlocks, I actually quite like them, but you know it’s lovely to have a place to yourself, and wintertime in Margs is ‘cool’ in lots of other ways.

On this day I had time to browse and think and wander around the quirky shops in the main street. Here are some of the things I discovered which I’d either like to buy for myself or my present drawer (some I did buy, so friends, if you receive a present that looks anything like this … you’ll know where it came from!)

First of all at Rugs in the Forest (152 Bussel Highway) managed by Tanya Franchi-Boath I found dreamy hammocks and dream catchers, as well as sequined cushions from Asia ($39.95) and throws in many colours (69.95).


I loved the shoulder bags ($19.95 – $44.95)


The cute pill boxes ($9.95) made me giggle.


Oh, and I’d seriously like one of those travel mugs ($16.95) just for the fun of it.

At the Fudge Factory (right next door to The Rugs in the Forest) I watched fudge being made and bought some Fudge Sauce ($9.50) which I’m going to pour over icecream for a quick dinner party pudding.

Then it was on to Lloyds of Margaret River (130 Bussell Highway)– the country store with style, character and charm. In fact it’s an emporium, like an Aladdin’s cave that reaches deep back through many rooms to a courtyard at the back. You won’t get out of there without at least one purchase, so take your time and enjoy shopping.

Boyle’s automobelia, each one is hand made and unique ($80.00), and they look so real, albeit in miniature.

I loved this bench for $1200 with cushions at $50 each – gorgeous eh?

These corked bottles ($12.50) would be great as either water, vinegar or oil containers to put on the table.

Anyway, I had a lovely time just browsing, and can’t wait to go back and explore some more . If you want to know more about what to do in Margaret River, or know about something really groovy, please drop a comment in the box below.

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