Western Australia is a great place to spot Dolphins. Try Monkey Mia and Bunbury for starters.


Are you a blogger wanting to write about travel?

Read on….

Contributor, Ingrid Rickersey, gleaned these valuable tips from a workshop run by The West Australian Travel Editor Stephen Scourfield.

Top 10 Travel Writing Tips from Stephen Scourfield:

  1. Have contact with your writing every day in some form or another
  2. Always carry a notebook with you
  3. Characters and dialogue may be used in your travel pieces but sometimes the character of the place might be enough.
  4. In Australia you are allowed to photograph public places, but art work in a public place should be acknowledged
  5. Know the publications you are writing for, and what they publish, and the usual length / word count and POV – 1st or 3rd person
  6. Try writing as if not for publication – sometimes work can come out better if you think no-one is going to read it.
  7. Photos are extremely important with travel writing – be sure to include good quality photographs.
  8. Read your work aloud before you send your final copy.
  9. Make lists – add phrases you hear, take notice of signs and note the ordinary things – you will be surprised how extraordinary they are when you return home. (Ingrid wishes she had realised that snippet of information years ago!!)
  10. You can use your travel experiences to write fiction – you need a lot of facts and can research more to create works of fiction.

Hope you’ve enjoyed these travel writing tips!

Happy writing and travelling.




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  1. Great tips! I would add to point 2 to also always have your camera (or 2..)

  2. Bonny, you are SO right! How could I possibly have neglected that one! Funny, in the old days writers would write and photographers would take the photos (at least on the papers and magazines I worked on). Nowadays, especially with blogging we need to be able to do everything: Write, photograph, edit, layout, proof, and promote. Who’d have thought!

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