10 things to love about Autumn, Balingup by Jo Castro
Golden Valley Tree Park in Balingup

Without a doubt, if I had to pick my favourite season in South West Australia it would have to be Autumn or Fall as it’s also known.

The weather cools, the days are generally warm and sunny, deciduous trees change colour, the grass becomes emerald green, and the buzzing heat of summer gives way to a stillness that defines the lead up to winter.

PicMonkey Collage 3

Sure we have rain, and sometimes wind, or cold fronts blowing in, but generally the shorter days in the months leading on from March to the end of May, before the rain really sets in, can be lovely.

10 things to love about Autumn, Balingup by Jo Castro

 As we were driving to Balingup yesterday for a walk in Golden Valley Tree Park we listened to the haunting strains of Vivaldi’s “Autumn” on the iPod, and I began to think about the things I most love about Autumn.

7 Things I especially love about Autumn in South West Australia

1. Autumn Leaves

2. Hot baths

3. Dappled sunlight

4. Country fairs

5. Putting the duck down duvet  back on our bed

6. Calm days with no wind (aka the cooling ‘Freo Doctor’ winds of  high summer)

7. Log fires

And arriving in the picturesque town of Balingup, we immediately as always headed for the Estate Agent’s window.

Looking at country cottages on rolling hills made me think of  one of my favourite poems, “The Lake Isle of Innisfree” by W B Yeats as I dreamed about owning a little shack deep in the woods.

10 things to love about Autumn, Balingup by Jo Castro

“I will arise and go now, and go to Innisfree,

And a small cabin build there, of clay and wattles made:

Nine bean-rows will I have there, a hive for the honey-bee,

And live alone in the bee-loud glade.” W B Yeats

10 things to love about Autumn, Balingup by Jo Castro
Don’t you love this photo Dave took of a white cheeked cockatoo? We stood under a flock of them, just gazing down at us from a tree. They had no intention of flying anywhere and weren’t wary of us at all.

“Golden Valley Tree Park is a sixty hectare landscaped park set in the picturesque hills of Balingup. The heritage listed site has a collection of trees that was begun over one hundred years ago, and is now the largest arboretum in WA.

The Park is a great place for short walks amongst some of the loveliest rural countryside in the heart of the South West. The beautiful World Collection features many deciduous autumn colour favourites alongside rare and unusual specimens. Golden Valley’s Australian Collection showcases the wide diversity of Australian native tree associations from tall eucalypts through mallee woodlands to dry season deciduous species and a range of rare West Australian species. Many trees are labelled.” Courtesy of  Golden Valley Tree Park.

PicMonkey Collage 2

The best time to visit the tree park is obviously during Autumn. We visited in the middle of May.

  • You’ll find the park as you head south out of Balingup on the South West Highway.
  • Entry is free but a gold coin donation is welcome
  • The Park is open seven days a week.
  • There are no camping facilities and camping is not allowed.
  • There are toilets, wood barbeques, picnic tables and a large gazebo shelter.
  • Walk tracks meander across the hillside and are clearly labelled with one or two information boards as well.
  • It’s wonderful to find that many of the trees are labelled.
  • You’ll find maps and lists at the information shelters.
  • You can also access the park from the Bibbulmun Track.

10 things to love about Autumn, Balingup by Jo Castro

There are many places around the globe that I’d like to visit during Autumn – and I’m wondering if you could tempt me to where you come from or live? What do you most love about Autumn in your part of the world?

Autumn Colours South Western Australia


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  1. what gorgeous scenes Jo. I have been to the tree park before, but not during autumn. I will have to visit very soon! It is a great place to see trees from around the world and for us Aussies to seen trees putting on their autumn colour show. Lovely.
    I tend to overlook Autumn, and look forward to the spring wildflowers, but your post has got me thinking about the joys of autumn!

  2. Thanks Jill, and yes the tree park (I think it’s also called the Arboretum) is fab in Autumn, although I can imagine when the deciduous trees are just starting to bloom and bud in Spring, it must also be quite ‘speccy’. You have got me looking forward to Spring and the wildflowers – I can feel a Cape to Cape walk coming on! Interested?

  3. What a beautiful park Jo. Autumn is a stunning time of the year and I’m a little sad to be missing it! There’s something about the red leaves piled up against fences, on the streets or in the parks ( and the temptation to walk through them) that I love!

  4. Yes, the temptation to scuffle through the leaves is always too strong for me. I love the crunch and the smell of the forest 🙂

  5. Very pretty photos. I love autumn, too – though it’s a little upside down to think about your autumn being now 🙂

  6. Upside down and inside out, but I’ll take autumn wherever I can find it! Thanks Sophie 🙂

  7. You are lucky to have deciduous trees that colour in Autumn. N.Q. is not good in that regard. Love your collages and the possibility of a log fire – yes please!

  8. Thanks Jan, yes I am looking forward to a weekend down south in the forests soon with long walks with he himself, a log fire, a good book and a bottle of red wine! Hope the weather is pleasant over east right now.

  9. As we all sit around the Pacific Northwest, drumming our fingers and impatiently waiting for the sun to appear and announce that summer has finally arrived, it is fun to be reminded that in other places the colors of autumn abound.

  10. Hi Jo, Autumn is my favorite season, too! I love your beautiful shots of the colorful foliage. You’ll love autumn in New York. My favorite Autumn spot is the Hudson Valley, just less than an hour drive or train ride from New York City. It offers a magnificent fall foliage view of the sweeping valley.

  11. Hey Jo, I love autumn as well.
    I love the colors of the trees as they change, the crispness in the air, putting on layers to keep off the chill, all of it. Most of all, though, I like it because my birthday come around then. I agree with Marisol/TravelingSolemates – NY’s Hudson Valley is the perfect place to experience fall’s foliage. I’ll also suggest the Washington, DC/ Virginia/Maryland area – I used to love being in Rock Creek Park in the fall, and when I lived in Ottawa, we’d drive across the river to Gatineau, Quebec to catch the leaves.

  12. I think the places you mention in your part of the world must be absolutely spectacular during autumn, Marcia. Thanks for the ideas, definitely something I’d like to go and see one day too.

  13. Aha, so now we know! Hope to wish you a happy birthday when autumn comes around in your part of the world, Marcia 🙂

  14. Thanks Cindy! Have to admit my hubby took that one. Mine weren’t nearly as good. He was so close and the cockatoo had no intention of going anywhere!

  15. Ahh, how I’d love to visit New York City and Hudson Valley in the fall, Marisol. Thanks for reminding me that there are so many beautiful places yet to see 🙂

  16. I hope the sun arrives soon Jackie. It seems to be slow to arrive in Europe too. Hurry up summer!

  17. Thanks Jan, and glad you liked the collages. Yep, a nice bottle of red and a log fire sound fine to me too today 🙂

  18. Beautiful photos! Autumn isn’t as colorful in my area living in Southern California but I do enjoy the fall colors. This park is just gorgeous. I love the white cheeked cockatoo!

  19. Funny – I never associate fall with western Australia let alone a change in leaf colour. I also love fall though I’m happy to be going into summer right now. But there is nothing like a nice fire, a colourful landscape and all the fall produce that comes to the farmer’s market. Looks like you’re enjoying it to the fullest.

  20. Yes you are right Leigh, WA is not associated with deciduous trees and a temperate climate but out little corner in the SW is more Mediterranean.

  21. I had no idea that the trees in Australia turned colour in the fall as well! It’s early spring here so it’s a bit odd to be thinking about fall but it’s the turning leaves that I love best along with the Thanksgiving holiday which we celebrate in October in Canada. And Thanksgiving coincides nicely with my older daughter’s birthday so there’s lots to love about fall!

  22. Hi Lisa, sounds like Fall is something really worth celebrating in Canada for you and your family.

  23. Great post- love the photos! It’s funny that we’re going into fall and you’re going into spring which I think is my favorite season. I love the new life that emerges. Fall, though I love the crisp weather after a hot summer and the colors means that winter is coming.

  24. gorgeous, I’ve never thought you get lovely fall colors in your area, I must visit soon!

    Have I ever invited you to come join us for Travel Photo Mondays, it’s a weekly photo carnival, come link up this post it would be wonderful!

  25. I love much about fall, too — especially the colors, even here in California where we don’t have the dramatic color changes as in many places. There’s always something in the air that makes fall so special, too, especially late October – early November — I love that.

  26. I love all the delightful colors of your fall walk. At Grand Canyon’s North Rim we see mostly the gold of aspens contrasting with the deep pine greens.

  27. Suzanne Fluhr (Boomeresque)

    It sounds strange for those of us northern hemisphere dwellers to be hear you talk about Fall in connection with May. But, we’ll get over our hemisphere-centrism (if there isn’t such a thing, there should be). I’ve never been to WA in the Autumn. Now, I see I have to return to experience another season. Cheers.

  28. Neva Fels

    Fall is such a beautiful time. We had a very hot summer and now the flowers are enjoying a cooler and easier time for blooms. Thanks for sharing your fall from Down Under.

  29. Thanks Neva, and hope you have a long, dulcet Fall ahead of you still.

  30. Yes, I know Suzanne, it’s always so weird when you are talking to others around the world and the seasons are all inside out and upside down>!!!

  31. I’ve yet to experience the Hudson Valley, bit I’d love to one day, Irene.

  32. Yes, I also love Spring for all its new hope and promise of growth, but I love the calm and reflection of Fall too.

  33. You had me at Australia, Jo! …and log fires. They are the best. Your photos are spectacular. I think Fall pictures are always some of favorites 🙂 Keep in the great writing!

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