The Secret and the Drunk monkey

The power of positive thinking

According to quantum physics it seems that I’m essentially only an illusion. A little blob of vibrating energy that flits about, effecting little change in an ever expanding universe, attracting to it only what it gives out.

I find this hard to believe. But I’m willing to give it some thought. I’ve seen the movies The Secret and read How to Know God. I’ve read books by Eckhart Tolle and Wayne Dyer and listened to inspirational CD’s of one persuasion or another. Heavens above, I’m even leaning towards everything organic instead of the cheapest veggies on offer at Coles. I’m beginning to think I’ve been hypnotized by a cosmic marketing man.

Recently I’ve been thinking a lot about getting older, and degenerative diseases. To stave off any carcinogenic maladies someone told me to chew apricot kernels. Let me tell you, they’re disgusting.

So caught between the risk of immune busting ailments and a bitter apricot sea I needed another option to salve my concerns, a sweeter option. I found positive thinking and the laws of attraction as touted by The Secret oh … and quantum physics. I’m learning that if I give up all my negative feelings and put positive thoughts, affirmations and mantras in their place then I’m most probably going to live forever.

What an awful thought.

Anyway, game for a laugh I tried chanting.“I’m healthy, wealthy, happy and wise.”

Think positive thoughts and positive things will happen.

My son was astonished. ”Mum, are you OK? You’re talking to yourself.” I volleyed back with an exhortation about the benefits of affirmations and self visualization, yet a sleepy haze came over his eyes. “Yeah right Mum. If I start chanting I’m going to pass my exams, I can quit studying? If I keep saying I’m wealthy, you’ll just slip $500 into my wallet without me knowing? What are you smoking, Mum?” Clearly our youth are unimpressed. He swaggered away, a technocrat, thumbing his mobile phone, chatting in cyber space, his own virtual reality and curer of all ills.

Anyway, I’m a little taken aback, but I’m not altogether daunted and because bad feelings apparently release cortisol a nasty little chemical that can affect the immune system in a negative way I was vigilant about my thoughts in relation to my son’s comments. I took a deep breath, vowing not to get angry about the breakfast debris left on the coffee table in front of the TV which was not, as he no doubt hoped, going to be cleaned up by the fairies.

If you think positive thoughts, positive things will happen. I do believe that. Thoughts are energy, so like attracts like and you just have to get rid of the drunk monkey in your head who’s chattering away nonsensically, and control your thinking.

Are thoughts really forms of energy?

But wait there’s more.“Desire is thought impulse. Thought impulses are forms of energy,” says Napoleon Hill in Think And Grow Rich.

So my understanding is that if I visualize hard enough I really can attract anything I want into my life. Nobody has actually mentioned anything about having to work like buggery. So here is my list:

Best Selling Book (with film rights please)

Super successful blog

Dream house on a cliff top overlooking a blue sea

A Red Ferari (ok I just threw that one in)


When my best friend suggested that perhaps not everyone could achieve such things in a hurry, someone else philosophised that the laws of attraction know no time boundaries. I now have visions of myself in a Ferari at 90 with two hip replacements, dodgy eyesight and a memory which probably can’t get me round the block and back in one go.

Joking aside, I’m discovering that the key to becoming stress free is to replace negative thoughts with positive thoughts. Yes, I’m beginning to re-programme my unconscious mind, and no doubt I’m boosting my immune system too.

But I do feel a bit like a Thought Police sergeant with a dirty secret, because I have a problem. What I’m going to do about the drunk monkey still fooling around in my head, I just don’t know – I think he’s taken to Tequila.


Do you believe in the power of positive thinking?




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  1. So Jo when are you going to start writing a weekly column for the newspaper? I just love your blog posts, and I think you should have a job at the newspaper writing a weekly column! Dreams are good but we have to do the work towards their reality – it just won’t happen – not overnight anyway. Go for your dreams Jo!

  2. You are a great uplifter Jill, thank you! I really appreciate your comments and support – as for the weekly column, yip, a lot of work to get to that reality – although Jules in Packed to the Rafters didn’t have much trouble getting one, did she!!

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