What makes a successful blog? Blogging Tips with thanks to Chris Guillebeau, Part Three.

Blogging tips

Top blogs are built on passion and usefulness. A lot of people ask me about how to start a blog, and then they say they have a great title or an idea but they're not sure what they are going to write … [Read more...]

You Are Not Alone. Chris Guillebeau & Notes on Blogging Part Two of Three.

Inspirational Quote by Jo Castro, Pic by Dave Castro

Hey! It's Bloggie Friday at Zigazag! And today it's Part 2 of Notes on Blogging by Chris Guillebeau. Chris is one of those people who inspires you to be the best you can. He lives an … [Read more...]

Chris Guillebeau and Notes on Blogging. Part One of Three.

Chris Guillebeau and Jo Castro from Zigazag

"Emotional connections are much stronger than educational connections and emotional needs are more important than educational needs," Said Chris Guillebeau at the Problogger Event in … [Read more...]

9 Inspirational Quotes about Blogging from the Problogger Event in Melbourne

Inspirational quotes about blogging. Problogger Event Melbourne

Inspirational quotes about blogging. It was my second Problogger Training Event, and I wasn't expecting it to be better than the first one. You know, first things always seem to be that bit more … [Read more...]