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Great Walks of the World : Magnetic Island

Things to do Magnetic Island

Don't know about you, but gyms aren't for me. I've just cancelled my membership (again) because I couldn't justify the money and I didn't use it enough. For me, the best way to keep fit is to walk, … [Read more...]

Cycle Cruise Holidays. Island hopping in Croatia.


We've just returned from a fabulous trip to Europe and one of the things we really enjoyed was a Cycle Cruise with the Katarina Line in Croatia. As the weather is wet and windy in South West … [Read more...]

Europe Ahoy!


  I'm lucky to be in Europe at the moment visting 10 different countries! For the first part of the tour we're travelling with Expat Explore a fabulous overland tour company, and then we'll … [Read more...]

5 Tips for creating a Balinese Garden and a sneak peak of ours in WA

PicMonkey Collage Rain 1

Welcome to my Balinese garden which is looking a little wet this morning. As soon as I heard the rain I knew I just had to get out as soon as I woke up and take some photos. The garden was … [Read more...]

Sponsored Video : Safety in Paradise via Air New Zealand

20140215_114555 x 550

This is a sponsored post via Air New Zealand. Safety in Paradise. Funny, just the other day I was at the Perth Holiday and Travel show and one of the things Dave and I chatted about was taking a … [Read more...]

Sponsored Video : ibis Hotels Ultimate Sleep.


Out of the comfort zone on Devil's Mountain One of the most important things for me when I'm travelling is a good night's sleep. I think my obsession with uninterrupted zzz's goes back to the days … [Read more...]

Why take holidays in Bali when you live in Western Australia?

Bali pic monkey 8 550

Bali has been Western Australia’s playground for holidays for over 30 years, but over the past few years it's been getting quite a bit of bad press. Although Bali has changed radically since I … [Read more...]

29 Awesome things to see and do in Bali

bali 53

Bali. Ahh, the very word conjures up exotic scenes, tropical gardens, amazing temples, beaches, swimming pools and a completely different culture. Yet, geographically Bali is only three and a half … [Read more...]

Things to do in Surfers Paradise without going to a Gold Coast Theme Park

Pic Monkey 2

I'm going to take you on a little holiday today, away from lovely Western Australia, and to the exciting Gold Coast in Queensland instead. Why's that? I hear you ask. Well, the 2013 Problogger … [Read more...]

Inspiring Women in Western Australia

P1070509 x 550

I’m sitting in a church, at the alter, surrounded by French style rustic artefacts and furniture, drinking coffee and talking to one of Western Australia's inspiring women, Jo McIntosh. Around me is … [Read more...]

Famous for all the wrong reasons.

Former Somali pirate hostage Colin Darch

When things go bump and then 'clunk' in the Night, it can mean something very unusual! Where we live in South Western Australia it's very quiet. If there's a bump in the night to wake me up I'm … [Read more...]

How to create a Balinese garden in your backyard


To the world at large, Western Australia is considered a remote place consisting mostly of dry, flat, arid, red-earthed outback. While it may often be dry and covered by vast areas of desert, there … [Read more...]

3 Dream Asian Holiday Spots – When you need to beat the dry WA heat.

Dream Asian Destinations by Jo Castro

Feeling the heat of WA? Dying for a break and a little tropical flavour? Bloggers give the low down on their favourite Asian holiday spots - come and find out where and why. Here are 3 Asian Holiday … [Read more...]

Bali. The split gate to Heaven and Hell, so close to Western Australia.

Bali by Jo Castro

Once upon a time there was a faraway land steeped in magic and mystery. A land of a thousand temples where people lived in harmony with the divine, the demonic and the domestic. A place were daily … [Read more...]

10 best family holiday destinations in Australia but little mention of Western Australia. Hmm, do you agree … the best, or not?

Broome Beach, Western Australia by Jo Castro

Today, I'm posting a fun infographic about family holiday destinations in Australia, some of which I agree with, others of which I don't. What is sad is that Western Australia is mentioned so … [Read more...]

The Cape of Many Colours. 13 Amazing reasons to visit South Africa.

The Cape South Africa, reasons to visit south africa by jo castro

The Cape of many colours. Hands up who loves South Africa? What about The Cape Province? Beautiful, isn't it? If South Africa is, as the cliché goes, ‘a world in one country’ then The Cape at … [Read more...]

Manila The Philippines and a strange night out.

Island in The Philippines, by Jo Castro

Guess where I went not so long ago? Beautiful island, fabulous beach, climbed up Mount Pinatubo , visited a drop-dead-divine-destination  such as Puerto Galera pictured above? Nope,  today my … [Read more...]

Best Wildlife Photos from Africa and Australia

What to do when your site gets hacked

I love photographing wildlife. Especially in Africa. I have to admit I'm more of a point and click snapper, than a change-the-lens and carry heavy equipment type of potographer, but I love being … [Read more...]

Best Summer things to do in North Devon

Minis, Westward Ho, UK, Jo Castro

Minis and Marching Bands. I love the sound of a marching band. Bagpipes and big bass drums beating into the open air often sonorous, sometimes uplifting, always inspiring like the prelude to a … [Read more...]