Top 5 Attractions You Can’t Miss in The Kimberley

The Kimberley

Guest Post by Jayde Ferguson. Crowned one of Australia’s hidden treasures, The Kimberley in Western Australia is lined with some of the most striking beaches and complex landscapes. Rolling the … [Read more...]

Want to quit your job and take off on a road trip?

IMG_8492, Port Augustus, SAust caption

Thinking of a road trip? There are around 2,620 holiday parks around Australia, and coupled with great weather it's no wonder that people love to camp and caravan. It's a fabulous way to get out and … [Read more...]

Outback Australia. An Adventure in the Kimberley – Kununurra Dreaming

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Welcome to Day 8 of an  exciting 12 day adventure traveling overland in the Kimberley region of North West Australia. We're in the Eastern Kimberley at Kununurra camping in a beautiful site near a … [Read more...]

Top 10 Places in Western Australia by The WA Tastemaster

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Western Australia is an extraordinary State, and who better to let us into a few insider secrets than a very special Guest Poster today, Rich Keam, who has one of the best jobs in the world. Yes … [Read more...]

Adventure Tour Guide spills the beans about “My Outback Life”

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Today I’m talking to the better half in the Thomson household (only joking Greg!) Welcome to Choccy, Greg’s lovely wife, a friendly and dynamic person who’s always got a funny quip and a cheery … [Read more...]

The Secrets of an Adventure Tour Guide

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It’s many a travel blogger's dream to make money from a life of travel, but have you ever thought about becoming an adventure tour guide? Greg and Choccy Thomson are living the dream. They met … [Read more...]

What’s it like to be a Tour Guide in the Australian Outback

Australian outback, The Kimberley by Jo Castro

Have you ever wanted to pack up, sell up and hit the road big time? Ever asked yourself, how could I do it for a living - what's it like to be a tour guide? A Life on the Road in the Australian … [Read more...]

12 Reasons you should travel around Western Australia

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Trying to limit myself to find just 12 reasons for you to travel around Western Australia, was an exercise in containment. This amazing State is so huge and varied that you could pack your bags for a … [Read more...]

A Billabong, 5 Rivers and a Hoochery. Australian Outback Adventuring.

Australian Outback, The Kimberley by Jo Castro

Day 7 on an Australian Outback Tour  Although The Kimberley region in North West Australia is becoming more popular you still get the feeling of a last frontier, much of it is still untouched, and … [Read more...]

An inside Guide to a Waterfall Wonderland in The Kimberley Outback Australia.

Kimberley  1

Day 6 - Waterfall Wonderland Join us on Day 6 of an exciting 12 Day trip to the Kimberley Outback Australia, in North West Australia. Today we hike to a 30 metre waterfall, swim in two remote gorges, … [Read more...]

Amazing Western Australia 2012 Highlights in 113 Pictures.

A day in the life of Perth by Jo Castro

Living in Western Australia. What a year it's been. And how lucky I've been to continue exploring Western Australia. I still wake up everyday counting my blessings to be living in such a beautiful … [Read more...]

Outback Adventures,The Kimberley, North West Australia. Bubbles & Barramundi.

Outback Australia, The Kimberley by Jo Castro

The adventure continues. Day 5: El Questro Station, Zebedee Hot Springs, Chamberlain Gorge,  the Pentecost River and oh, and let’s not forget some rather delicious Wild Hibiscus Crumble. If you … [Read more...]

13 Reasons to visit Outback Australia

Kimberley, Outback Australia by Jo Castro

Come with me on a camping adventure in the Kimberley. The Kimberley is an outback Australia destination in the north west of the country, not to be missed if you’re looking to explore some remote and … [Read more...]

Crocodile Dundee Eat Your Heart Out! Outback highlights in North Western Australia.

El Questro by Dave Castro

He may have been one of Australia’s biggest exports in the terms of cinema legends and his exploits were larger than life, but eat your heart out Crocodile Dundee, because the Australian Outback is … [Read more...]

The Kimberley Western Australia, Wild Hibiscus and Bobtails

Wild Hibiscus Jam by Dave Castro

 Wakey Wakey Rise and Shine It’s 5.30am.  Day three of our Adventure Wild trip into the Kimberley Western Australia. We have to be up early this morning with tents and camp packed up by … [Read more...]

3 Awesome Gorges in The Kimberley.

Kimberley by Dave Castro

Wakey Wakey! I ease myself out of my swag. Wriggle, wriggle. It’s not easy to get out of, and I’m trying not to take the whole thing with me. There is some urgency to the maneuver now because I … [Read more...]

Why you should escape to The Kimberley in Western Australia.

Adventure Wild by Dave Castro

Just gotta go! “We have to escape the rat race for a while, disappear, go somewhere really remote where there’s no connectivity to the outside world”, we said as we looked at the big black bags … [Read more...]