Life in Perth and First Impressions of Western Australia

Kings Park Sep2010 141 x 500

Life in Perth and what to expect in Western Australia. Life in Perth is quite different to anywhere else in Australia, especially the Eastern seaboard. It's quieter this side of the country, … [Read more...]

Fun Things to do in Perth at night

Things to do in Perth at night, sunset by Jo Castro

Travelling up to Perth from the South West always feels like an escape. I probably shouldn't say this because you'll think that I never get out, but it's always a little bit exciting, and somehow … [Read more...]

How to get the most out of a Writers Festival and a glimpse of a Perth weekend.

University of Western Australia

Getting the most from a writers festival. Study the programe and book in advance for the sessions that you really want to attend, because on the day the most popular ones are likely to have sold … [Read more...]

Have you been to Perth recently? You might get a surprise when you do.

Things to do in Perth at night by Jo Castro

Why you have to visit ‘sleepy’ Perth before it’s too late to catch the zzzz's. “Know what?” I said last Saturday as we were wandering around the all but deserted city streets of Perth. “Perth … [Read more...]

Amazing Western Australia 2012 Highlights in 113 Pictures.

A day in the life of Perth by Jo Castro

Living in Western Australia. What a year it's been. And how lucky I've been to continue exploring Western Australia. I still wake up everyday counting my blessings to be living in such a beautiful … [Read more...]

What to see and do in Perth, Western Australia.

Perth by Dave Castro

Perth. Western Australia. The most remote city in the world. Some say it's sleepy, some say it's behind the times. But I say, "Come to Perth and be surprised," because it's a city of many faces and … [Read more...]

How far is it from Perth to Bunbury?

By the Brand AGency, Perth

You're not really alone! There are some long lonely roads heading to and from Perth, the most isolated city in the world, and the one heading south to Bunbury is no exception. Although Bunbury … [Read more...]

Where are the best beaches in Perth?


My Wanderings of Perth Beaches A Guest Post by Nita Teoh One of my favourite pasttimes whenever my partner and I take time out for relaxation is to have a walk along the beaches of Perth. It’s a … [Read more...]

What to do in Perth – off the beaten track

Pelican, south perth, by dave castro

The notion that Perth is a boring city is far from the truth. Yes, it’s remote, yes it can be seen from Space and yes there’s no gridlock (yet) are all true statements. But boring? Nah! You just … [Read more...]

It’s A Blog and Travel World in Perth

Perth travel expo by Jo Castro

Yesterday was definitely a Zigazag 'Wish you were here day' in Perth. First of all I attended the Holiday and Travel Expo at The Burswood Convention Centre and then had a wonderful afternoon gazing … [Read more...]

The Night it Snowed in Perth

Perth arts festival, place des anges

Once upon a time, on a warm night in Summertime magic was at work. For it was the night it snowed in Perth. We joined flocks of people (about 30,000 in all) walking along  Adelaide Terrace towards … [Read more...]

10 reasons to visit (and love) Perth

From Kings Park

Ok, so some of these are fairly random reasons to love Perth. I'm sure you know all the main reaons why you're probably going to love this city - and if you don't know yet, then visit the Tourist … [Read more...]

P(r)osh Perth


Prosh Perth Performs It was a misty autumnal morning in Perth and the Swan River was looking sleek - smooth like reflective glass. Runners and bicyclists made use of the riverside trail, while … [Read more...]

Red Bull Air Race


Perth on wings The Red Bull world aerobatic race was held under clear blue skies over the Swan River in Perth yesterday. A crowd of about 140,000 people watched the thrilling event from boats on … [Read more...]