Live an Idyllic lifestyle in Dalyellup, Western Australia

Idyllic lifestyle in Western Australia

So you want to 'live the life' in Western Australia but you're not quite sure where to start looking? North, South, East, West? The state is huge, about 10 times the size of the UK, and even if … [Read more...]

Weekend Getaway : Top 10 Things to do in Bunbury

Things to do in Bunbury

Bunbury has been renamed Funbury - It's Official! Only joking. But the city is a fun place to visit and it is getting a whole lot more attention these days. Someone said, "It's expanding like … [Read more...]

Geographe Crush Festival : Tickets to Giveaway

Geographe Crush

The Geographe Crush wine and food festival is now running over Three Days, and I'm really happy to have 4 Tickets to Giveaway to 2 lucky winners for the events as displayed in the poster below on … [Read more...]

Volunteering with Dolphins

Pic Monkey Cap

This is a guest post by Catherine Curnow, a ZigaZag reader who is currently volunteering at the Dolphin Discovery Centre in Bunbury. Volunteering at Bunbury’s Dolphin Discovery Centre If you’re … [Read more...]

New Baby Dolphin in Bunbury plus some Fast Facts about Dolphins


The first baby dolphin of 2014 has just been born in Koombana Bay! How cute is the little bub above?! "We took this photo on Valentines day. The calf, who we've just named "Cookie" is doing well and … [Read more...]

Buy Local Christmas Gifts this Christmas

Rustic French Licing Christmas 2013

It’s easy to fall into the trap of  spending a fortune at Christmas - the shops obviously encourage it, bewildering the harried shopper with numerous offers that make you start thinking “who do I know … [Read more...]

Geographe Crush Food and Wine Festival, Bunbury, South West Australia

PicMonkey Collage

When we arrived to live in Bunbury nearly five years ago, I didn't know what to expect. It was a small regional town set deep in an area I knew little about, and a big part of me yearned to live in … [Read more...]

How to feel happy in 5 photos

P1070758 x 550

Sunset and sunrise is a brilliant time of the day in Western Australia, especially during Autumn when the sky often conjures up the most amazing palette of colours. If I'm up early enough to watch … [Read more...]

How to create a Balinese garden in your backyard


To the world at large, Western Australia is considered a remote place consisting mostly of dry, flat, arid, red-earthed outback. While it may often be dry and covered by vast areas of desert, there … [Read more...]

What’s the price of a cup of coffee in your neck of the woods?

Just today my hubby said to me: "Remember how I paid $4 for two slices of toast at VAT2 in Bunbury a few weeks ago when we had breakfast there, and how we all thought it was shocking?" "Yes ..." … [Read more...]

Anzac Day in Bunbury

P1070524  x 436

We stand shoulder to shoulder in the darkness of early morning. The sun begins to rise over the inlet heralding a blood red dawn. My heart is thumping and I hold back the tears. It's the 25th … [Read more...]

The real truth about dining out in South West Australia

Sunset April 2011 051 x 460

Call me long in the tooth, call me Humbug,  but there are certain things that tick me off these days and one of them is paying good money for mediocre food in restaurants that offer bad … [Read more...]

12 Reasons you should travel around Western Australia

Shark bay August 2010 015 x 427

Trying to limit myself to find just 12 reasons for you to travel around Western Australia, was an exercise in containment. This amazing State is so huge and varied that you could pack your bags for a … [Read more...]

Dolphin Discovery Centre and why a dolphin encounter can be life changing.

Dolphin Discovery Centre, Dolphin by Jo Castro at ZigaZag

It’s not everyday that you get to commune with wild dolphins, and so when I was invited to visit the Dolphin Discovery Centre in Bunbury, I jumped at the chance. I love dolphins and getting close … [Read more...]

The Zen of Home and Living in WA Tips.

The Zen of home by Jo Castro

Frangipanis grow in abundance in our WA garden in summertime While dusting the books in my book case in our home the other day I came across a picture that had come loose from a photo album. It … [Read more...]

Amazing Western Australia 2012 Highlights in 113 Pictures.

A day in the life of Perth by Jo Castro

Living in Western Australia. What a year it's been. And how lucky I've been to continue exploring Western Australia. I still wake up everyday counting my blessings to be living in such a beautiful … [Read more...]

Sunset & Sunrise Saturday

Sunset by Jo Castro

Do you love a golden Sunset? I know I do. And since we moved to Western Australia, we've been blessed with the most beautiful sunsets you can imagine. WA is a fabulous place for sunsets and a … [Read more...]

Geographe Crush Wine Exhibition

Ferguson Valley, Western Australia by Jo Castro

They say that "Old wine and old friends are best," now while that may be true for some, I have to say that in my four years' living in the South West I've found that new wine and new friends are in no … [Read more...]

6 Waterside Restaurants to rave about in Bunbury, Western Australia

Western Australia by Jo Castro

When the sun is shining and the day is long, what better way to while away an hour or so than sitting at a waterfront restaurant in Western Australia and watching the world go by? He Himself … [Read more...]

10 Tips for taking great flower photos when you’re at home or away.

Shark bay August 2010 646 x

Spring in Western Australia. I love it. Everything is fresh and new after the winter rains and the colours are amazing. Yes, it’s wild flower season in WA which means that the forests, coastal … [Read more...]